That will make Christmas awkward part 2

After my BIL made me come a second time I was laying on the bed panting, Attempting to catch my breath ad he gave me a little break while he kissed my sister, My sister laid down on her back and my BFF rolled onto her knees not missing a beat and kept licking her, My BIL got on his knees behind her and she tilted her head back and moaned as he slid his big dick in her, I had this weird jealous feeling for a second as "My dick" was sliding in her and then I shook my head and realized it wasn't "Mine". My dick pulled out of my BFF's cousin and stood her up, Led her to me, She straddled me and we kissed as my fiance rubbed his dick on both of us and then slid it in me, Ya, ya it was a slightly less filling feeling but still great, My BFF didn't last more than a few minutes and all 3 of us paused and watched as she moaned "Don't take it out please, Don't, Don't, I don't want to squirt" and I swear he did for just a second because she splashed a little squirt and it was dripping everywhere and then she moaned "Ooohhh...Myyyy...Fuuucking gaaaawd yeeessss" as he put it back in.
My sister slipped out from in front of her and spun around, Slid under her like she had done it a time or 100 before and they kept going, My fiance pulled my BFF's cousin down and she put her hands on my knees spreading my legs, I was like "Oh shit...I don't know" and then my brain got all melty as her tongue touched my labia, It could have been 10 seconds or 2 hours, I have no clue but I sat up using every core muscle I have and a few I didn't know I had as I held her hair and watched her lick me as I came. I have came twice before but it seemed like I couldn't stop myself from coming that night, Everything made me come even if I tried not to, My BFF's cousin as pushed back on top of me and she licked ad kissed my nips while my fiance fucked her, He pulled out and scrambled up to my face, She joined me and we both sucked and licked him as he came, I normally don't let him give me facials but it happened so fast and we did it together so I let it happen.
My fiance handed us a towel off the floor so hopefully I didn't wipe my face with the towel my sister dried her vag with but I just wanted to wipe my face off and didn't really care, My BFF's cousin and I were both a little spent and laid there just watching, My BIL motioned for my fiance to come over to the bed and it was a bit of an awkward moment but my BIL pulled out of my BFF, My fiance stood behind her at the edge of the bed and my sister reached out, Grabbed his dick and puled him onto his knees on the bed, She slid up a little and sucked his half hard dick into her mouth and my BIL spread her legs, My BFF sucked him and he slid into my sister. Saying that watching my sister get tagged would be awkward enough but watching my BIL and my fiance do it made me gulp and get goose bumps.
My fiance was hard again in minutes and then my sister pulled his dick out of her mouth and she guided it into my BFF, Again, Slightly odd to watch but her cousin was groping me and playing with my nips which was making me wet again, I rolled over and we made out, A few seconds later my BFF leaned over me and I rolled onto my back, My fiance and my BIL had switched places and my fiance was fucking my sister while she sucked her husband, My BFF and her cousin both started groping me and I was super horny again, My BFF jumped right in and spread my legs licking me and her cousin straddled my face, Again I was like "Oh shit...I don't know" and then there it was, Her vag right on my mouth so I just went for it, I guess we hared my fiances facial so...I don't know, there is no correlation but whatever, I couldn't see it but I could hear my sister say "Oh yes, God ya, Don't stop, Don't stop" and then she came.
My BFF's cousin was sitting down hard on my mouth and I was looking right up her butt hole basically and then she jumped off my face, Laid on the bed and rubbed herself...Thankfully our come towel was still on the bed and she covered her vag with it but I could hear...Yes hear her squirt, She moaned and shook and held the towel over her with one hand pounding herself with the other hand and we could all hear her come so hard, we could hear her hand splashing as she fingered herself hard and could literally hear her squirt flowing. My BIL pulled out of my sisters mouth and shoved it in my BFF's cousins mouth, She protested a little but must have realized it was happening whether she was ready or not, She clenched the towel with her thighs, Moaned and sucked and gulped as he came in her mouth and then he pulled out and let her collapse on her back.
My BFF was kissing my stomach, Licking me and fingering me and I just wanted to have one more orgasm as it seemed like things were dying down a little, My BIL didn't even go soft and moved my BFF out of the way, Slid in me and guided my BFF to sit on my face, I was like "No, No, No" and then had my BFF's vag in my mouth, She laid on top of me in a 69 and my BIL kept pulling out and she would lick him then me and he would put it back in, I was licking her and then I felt hair brush against my face and when I realized it was long and blonde and there was only one blonde in the group (Her cousin) I kinda was shocked but we licked her together for a minute or two and then I think he realized it was her cousin and My BFF sat up, She was holding my boobs and lasted about a minute before she lifted her hips, Lowered them and then every time I licked her as she came down she moaned a quick "Aaahhh...Aaaahhh..." and then said "*** make me come", I licked her fast and I swear he got so wet she dripped a few drops on my tongue each time.
My BFF was still straddling my face quivering and moaning each time I reached my tongue out to touch her labia and then got off my face and sat beside me shaking, My fiance stood over my face and put his dick in my mouth, I sucked it while my BIL fucked me, My fiance pulled out of my mouth as my BIL pulled out, Shoved his huge dick between my boobs as my BFF held them, Her cousin dove in and licked me making me come so hard, I lifted my hips and came as my BIL came all over my face, neck, Boobs and everywhere, I have never seen a load that huge and I don't know if it has any relation to his dick size but it was a LOT.
I was licking my lips, Wiping my face and moaning out loud, I didn't even know everyone was watching my orgasm until I laid there shaking and looked around.
My sister and fiance were laying on their sides with him in her from behind watching, My BFF and her cousin were each laying on either side of me and my BIL still on top of me. My fiance was cupping my sisters boobs pulling her nips hard, Like stretching her skin on her boobs and she moaned "Harder, Pull hard" and they both came together. We all laid there not really knowing what to do and then my BIL asked if I wanted to shower, I nodded ad he pulled me to my feet, My BIL led me to the shower ad we kissed and touched as we washed each other, After we showered I wrapped up in a towel and he led me back to the spare room, My BFF and her cousin were gone.
I looked at my sister and she looked at me, I bit my lip and she looked at her husband, He led me away and up to the bedroom leaving my fiance downstairs, We had great sex with just the two of us and then after he came once inside me and I came once then he laid down and held me massaging my boobs, I woke up the next morning alone and could hear my sister downstairs, I laid there not knowing who was down there but afterward found out it was both again in the morning. After a shower my fiance came to the bedroom, I pretended to still be asleep and he cuddled up behind me, I rolled over to face him and he looked at me, He said "Umm...So...Are we good?", I raised my eyebrows and said "Sounds like my sister was good this morning", He said "Uuhhh **** came and woke us up and...", I stopped him and said "Ya, I heard".
My sister and BIL had an awkward coffee with us, Me and her didn't correspond our outfits before hand but both wore shorts and tank tops with no bras, When they got up to leave my sister pulled my fiance aside and my BIL and I stood in the kitchen, He pulled me close and kissed me deeply and then looked me in the eye and said "You ok with everything?", I nodded and gulped not knowing if he was going to bend me over the counter or leave but he smiled and pulled my top down exposing one boob, He kissed me again and then whispered "You have an amazing body...I want to see you again soon", All I could do was nod and he said "Good".
They left after my sister and fiance came back, He told e she got on her knee and sucked him a little. My sister and I talk EVERY day, Never fails and it seems like our conversations are starting to flow more easily, She did ask if they could come back and visit soon and without thinking I hit send on "YES". She laughed and said "Ok, Let me know when you guys have a free weekend", She asked if my BFF or her cousin would be joining so I told her I wasn't sure how to ask but she guided me through a few suggestions and my BFF is definitely in but said she doesn't know if she wants her cousin there, She begged me not to tell anyone her cousin licked her and I promised not to if she promised not to tell anyone I had an orgy with my sister and BIL.
My BFF did come over night before last and we had a 3 way but it wasn't the same, Still pretty great but not the same so I am looking forward to next weekend when my sister and BIL come back but Christmas may be slightly awkward trying to be cool while no one else at the table knows anything.

Jul 19
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