My fav BIL part 1

20 years ago My sister married a guy, He is 15 years older than me, He is a good looking guy and whatever and when I was 16 I seen his dick, He is easy 8" long and still the thickest I have seen.
Well we went camping one time and I stayed in their camper, We got pretty drunk at the fire and I went to bed, My sister came in a few minutes later and my BIL stayed at the fire for a bit, I was drifting off to sleep and could hear my sister snoring in the bedroom so when I heard him douse the fire with water I got an idea to flash him a little, I don't even know why I was horny or why I wanted to flash him but I did, I had just a tank top and shorts on so I quickly adjusted my top so that one nip was showing just a little but was having trouble getting my top to stay put. I knew I didn't have time to change my top and when I heard the door open I pulled my top a bit too far and had my whole nip out but had to pretend I was asleep, He came in quietly and went into the bathroom, When he came out he left the light on for a couple seconds and then turned it off, I knew he must have caught a quick glimpse because he stood still, Closed the door most of the way and then reached in and turned the light on. I was on the fold out couch which is right outside the door to their bedroom and across from the bathroom, He slowly opened the door until the light shined across my upper body and I was peeking out one eye so I could see him, He gulped and looked toward the bedroom but he could also hear my sister snoring.
My nip was so rock hard and I was so nervous flashing my nip that I could feel my hands shaking and I knew my breathing was shaky as well, He took a step closer and was basically standing right next to me looking at my nip, I took a deep breath and stretched which made my nip slip back in my top and he turned off the light, He went to bed and I eventually fell asleep. The next day I kept replaying the whole thing in my head and thinking of what I could do to tease him a little and it was getting me oddly excited, I had one bikini (I was just 18 by the way and have dark hair, Blue eyes, Pale, Freckly skin and big boobs but otherwise am basically just tall, Skinny and gangly with not much of a butt) but anyway, I knew I had one bikini that may be easy for me to let something slip but I hadn't worn it because it was a bit "showy" and knew my top was a tad too small for my boobs but even though it wasn't my norm to show too much skin I decided to try it.
I got my body wrangled into my new "Cheeky" bikini which was damned near a thong but not quite and looked at myself in the mirror thinking "Oh shit....Am I actually going to wear this in public?...Is it too obvious?" At least half of my non exsitent ass was showing and my nips were just begging to pop out, I mustered up the guts to come out of the bathroom and they were sitting at the table, I knew from the look on my sisters face that I was showing a lot more skin than normal. I grabbed a pair of shorts out of my bag and as I bent over I knew I was gonna have problems because I was already having trouble keeping my boobs in but had my back to them, I pulled on my shorts and put on a t-shirt and had breakfast. Even sitting there eating I could feel that one of my nips had slipped out of my top and one whole boob was hanging out.
I contemplated changing thinking I was being too obvious but I also had a strong urge to flash my BIL for some weird reason, I kept with my current outfit and off we went to the boat launch, My BIL did all the work and got the boat in the water as the two of us jut sat in the boat, I don't even know what my sister and I talked about because all I could think of was how I was going to flash my BIL without her catching me. I hadn't really thought about anything else to be honest aside from flashing him and my brain was spinning because I didn't know why it was consuming all my thoughts but when I realized we were meeting up with some of their friends at a beach I panicked, I knew I couldn't contain everything and was too shy to let all their friends see me. Anyway we boated about 20-30 minutes to the beach, Got all set up and I was sweating my ass off in my shorts and t-shirt but was sooo shy, Eventually I took my shorts off but kept my t-shirt on, We were there about 35 minutes and my sister realized she left a cooler in the camper with all of our food in it, My BIL said he would run and get it so I said I needed to grab some stuff from the camper and asked if I could go with him which of course he said yes.
We were maybe a mile from shore and I peeled off my t-shirt knowing full well my one boob was fully out again and I folded my shirt and put it in my bag and messed around for 10-15 seconds before going "Oh geez...Ooops" and he looked right at me, Said "Oh shit" and I tucked my boob away, We both laughed and I wanted to just rip my top off and straddle his lap but of course didn't but I did let my nips slip out multiple times. We walked to the camper and my heart was racing knowing a lot of people were staring at me with my long, Skinny legs, 3/4 of my ass showing, My big boobs bouncing and barely staying in my top and my BIL walking right beside me.
We got to the camper, I grabbed a beach coverup and wrapped it around my lower half, I picked up the cooler and stood up, He had his back to me and I looked down, One of my big, Pink nips was all the way out, Rock hard and just waiting to be seen, He was on the phone with my sister and making sure he had everything, He hung up the phone and turned around, He cleared his throat but didn't say anything about my nip, He looked at it 4 times that I caught and probably more that I didn't. I was stuck with this stupid cooler and my nip out now as he grabbed a couple bags and said "Are you good with the cooler?", I was like "Yup" and off we went, We walked past 10 campsites, Probably 10-12 people walked right past us and I know most looked right at my boob, We walked across the parking lot past another 10-12 people and 1 guy stared right at me, nudged his buddy and they both stared as we passed.
I set the cooler down and fixed my top I was sitting in my seat and I could feel my face burning from the embarrassment of knowing my nip was all the way out but not being able to fix it and 20 people seeing it but I also was horny knowing he got to see it the whole way to the boat because he kept talking to me and looking at me. He backed the boat out and was going slow through the "No wake" zone and just as we started out of it into the lake I asked "can you put some sunscreen on me before we head back?", He said sure and steered to boat off to the side by the shore, I got my sunscreen out of my bag and I laid on the sun deck which is basically just the engine cover.
He asked "What do you want sunscreen on?", I turned my head and looked at him, He was looking right at my butt and I said "Just everything, I can feel I am starting to burn" He started with my ankles and worked his way up my legs, I laid there wanting to lift my hips but of course didn't, He ran his hands all over my legs and I was so wet, thankfully my bikini was multi colored or I am sure I would have had a wet spot, His hand slid up my thighs inner and outer but he made sure not to get to close to my pussy even though I was wishing his fingers would brush against it inappropriately, He did my back, Shoulders, Arms and then I said "Don't let my butt burn", He said "Uuuhhh...I think you better do your own butt", I said "Oh Pffft, I'm your sister in law...I have no butt anyway and...It's a butt", He said "Uuuhh...Ok".
I swear to god I almost came as I spread my legs a little and his hands touched my hips, He slid them across my butt and ya, Maybe he touched it a little more than a brother in law should but I wanted him to so it was fine. He did my inner thighs again and I was worried he would feel how hot it was between my legs or see that I was wet but it felt so good. I said "geez, You should be a massuesse with those big, Strong hands", He laughed and I said "For real, You're not even trying and it feels amazing", He chuckled and said "Do you wat a massage?", I said "Hell ya, If you want to give me a massage before we head back I'll take it".
He spent the next 5-10 minutes running his hands over my slippery body massaging me and I was laying there day dreaming about how it would feel if he just pulled my bottoms to the side and fucked me.
Laying there with the waves gently rocking the boat, The hot sun shining on me and his strong hands massaging me I bet I could have came just like that, I said "Oh god that feels good, Would you do the front?", He said "Sure, Do you want sunscreen on too?", I said "ya, may as well", Just then the phone rang and he answered it, He was quiet for a minute and then said "ya, We are heading back right away" Then hung up and said "We better go", He turned to face me and I had pulled my bottoms up making a camel toe and made sure one boob was 3/4 out, I sat up letting my whole boob slide right out and sat there, I fixed my hair and said "Darn, that was feeling great", I said "Can I just put sunscreen on quick before we go?", He said "ya of course", I lathered it on and made sure to bend over in front of him and had my nips slip out lots, I sat down and said "Geez, I should have changed, My boobs keep falling out", He laughed and said "ya they do".

Jul 20
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