That will make Christmas awkward part 1

Not sure what category this even fits in but here we go. We had a party last weekend and shit went way sideways, My fiance and I had my sister, Her husband and a few of our friends over, Things got out of hand and I am not sure how anyone feels about it yet since no one is really talking to me too much...Well I know how a few people feel about it or I am pretty sure I do anyway.
The night started out pretty normal, Just drinks and a BBQ on our deck, Around midnight it was just me, My BFF and my sister in the kitchen, My fiance, A friend of ours (My BFF's cousin) and BIL on the deck, My sister is 15 years older than me at 41 with her being the oldest and me the youngest of 4 siblings My fiance is 3 years older then me and my BIL is 2 years older than my sister, I have known for many years that my sister has a bit of a wild side and my BIL loves it, One night when we were all drunk he told me a few stories but told me not to tell her I knew. I noticed she was being flirty with my BFF and sluffed it off since I have known her since we were 3 and knew she had never done anything too wild, However....
I got up and went to the bathroom and when I returned they were sitting side by side and looked very guilty, I was like "What have you two been up to?", My BFF laughed and said "We flashed them through the window" and I burst out laughing, She told me they went to the window facing the deck and my sister pulled her shirt up showing my fiance, Her cousin and my BIL her boobs. My sister said "Come here", I walked up to the window and she tapped on it, Me and her stood side by side and flashed the three on the deck.
Everyone laughed and we went and sat back down, I am the large chested one of the group with my sister being a B cup if I am being generous and she has had 3 kids so they are...Small and empty, My BFF is a solid B ad in my opinion the nicest of the group, Her cousin is about the same size but not as nice with her nips being different sizes and one is inverted and one for some reason is stil puffy but more normal however I am...A DDD with oblong, Dark nips and am also the tallest of the girls at 5'10", Everyone else is 5'3" - 5'6". We were at the table laughing and drinking and heard a tap on the window and my BFF's cousin flashed us, We cheered and then they came inside.
We have a hot tub room in the basement and of course we all ended up heading down there, Everyone was in their underwear, 2 girls in thongs and my BBF's cousin and I in...Sort of bikini type panties, My sisters bra was completely see through and the rest were partially, I should mention that before this night my BIL had only ever seen one of my nips slip out one time for a couple seconds. My fiance and my BIL both had on boxer briefs and were not hiding much. Someone pointed out that my BIL is circumsized and my fiance is not, My sister said something about whipping them out and they both laughed and did, I got a bit nervous being my fiance is not a huge guy but he didn't seem to care that he was standing next to my BIL who's dick is at least an inch or two longer and with my fiance fully hard and my BIL half hard he was almost twice as thick.
Drinks were flowing, Tops came off and my sister was surprisingly comfortable being topless and even made jokes about how saggy her own boobs are, My BFF's cousin said something about them being nicer than hers and pointed out her inverted nip vs her puffy nip and my BIL reached over and squeezed her puffy one and told my sister she should suck the inverted one out, Everyone laughed and it didn't happen but for a second I thought it was going to. My sister got out of the hot tub and went to the bathroom after bending way over the side of the hot tub and showing off her booty and when she flipped her leg over the side her thong pulled to the side and she flashed her whole vag to everyone, My BFF waited until she was out of the room and then said "Jesus *** your sister has a perfect snatch even after 3 kids", Her husband said "Oh man, No kidding...Most beautiful vag you'll ever see".
Everyone laughed and she came back, Comments were made and she acted like she was unaware she had flashed everyone, My fiance blurted out that we were "Vag twins" and my BFF said "Prove it", My sister stood up and I stood beside her, Both of us pulled our panties to our knees and we were standing there being surveyed by her husband, My fiance and both girls, My sister turned around and bent over so I did too and then my BIL said "Other than the bush he's right, Almost twins". More flashing started and then when my BFF bent over my sister stood beside her and shook her butt cheeks while she laughed and twerked, My BFF went to the bathroom and I didn't even notice my sister get up and leave a minute or so after, Probably because my BIL was sitting on the side of the hot tub with his huge dick hanging down but after a minute my fiance got out and came back, Whispered "Pssst....", We all looked and he waved for us to come, We all got out of the hot tub and he led the naked procession to the basement family room and I gasped.
My BFF was sitting on the couch, My sister straddling her lap and they were kissing. They didn't even seem to notice or care that we were all standing there, My BIL walked right up to them and everyone else sort of gathered around, My sister looked up and was breathing heavy, My BFF blushed super hard and got shy but my sister went right back to making out with her, We all stood there watching and my fiance stepped behind me, Put his arms around me and my BIL guided my BFF's cousin so she was standing next to me, Half facing me while we all watched, My sister is the only one of the group who had ever been with a girl before and my BFF's cousin put one hand on my hip.
I really don't remember the next minute or two but me and her started kissing, The two guys switched places and then I realized my BIL was standing behind me, Pulling my hair to the side with one hand, The other on my hip and my fiance behind my BFF's cousin doing the same as they watched us kiss, I was a bit nervous having my BIl behind me with his body pressed up against mine, I could feel his huge dick pressing against my butt and getting hard, My fiance had his body pressed up against hers and my sister and BFF were really getting down now, My sister was postured up and my BFF was sucking her one nip, I kept watching them out of the corner of my eye because I didn't know exactly how she would react to hat was going on with us.
After a bit my sister stood up, they made out and groped each other and then she stepped up to her husband and kissed him, She took his hand that was on my hip and slid it up my side to my boob and I was like "Oh shit...But...I guess she's on board", She turned to face my BFF who was just sort of standing there watching and she pulled her to us, She moved her around behind her husband and I felt hands slide between us, I could feel my BFF grab his dick and start stroking it and then she moved behind my fiance and was doing the same. there were lots of hands and lips, My BIL was kissing my neck and groping me, My BFF behind us groping us both and then my sister walked up, took my BFF by the hand and led her to the spare room where my sister and BIL were to sleep.
We all followed and I wasn't really sure what I was supposed to be doing, My BIL turned me around and sat me on the dresser and then we went into make out mode, He spread my legs and was standing between them as we kissed and I stroked him, My sister and BFF were on the bed and my sister kissed her way down my BFF's body, I was a little surprised that she went along with it but she let my sister go down on her with everyone in the room, My BFF's cousin sat up beside me and I watched her stroking my fiance who was really hard by now, He didn't seem to know what to do and kept watching my reaction but I was beyond stopping anything that was going on.
My BIL took my hand and put it on my BFF's cousins vag, She was already wet and when I touched her clit which was bigger than mine and easy to find she took a deep breath, I grabbed my fiances dick and pulled him to her, Rubbed his knob on her and he shoved it right in her, I basically was jut trying to get him to do it so I could with my BIL who rubbed his knob on my clit and started shoving it in me, It looks huge but feels even bigger, I had to shuffle my butt to the edge of the dresser and even being sopping wet it was a struggle to get it in. I was breathing deep and whispered "Easy, Easy....Oh shit". I am sure it's not the first time because he was gentle and made sure to work it back and forth before putting it right in, We were looking deep into each others eyes and I felt him hit bottom, I winced a bit and he pulled back, I looked down and he wasn't even all the way in but I had never felt so full before, He only slid it in and out a few times but i wasn't able to do it in that position so he wrapped his arms around me, Picked me up and spun me around, He laid me back on the bed and I was like "Ooooohhhh shiiiiit" My sister and BFF were literally 4 feet away in a 69 and I could see my sister licking my BFF.
I kept trying not to look but I had never seen it in person before, I don't know if it make it any better but in the moment I told myself that since it was my BFF's vag and not my sisters I was watching get licked it made it not as weird but...Ya, Now it seems like it is still just as weird but anyway I was watching and my BFF was clenching her butt and arching her back as my BIL kissed my neck and slowly slid in me, Me and my BFF came at the same time, She started moaning and I started moaning and we had this weird simultaneous orgasm both making the same sounds, My BIL slowed down for a minute and let me get back into it and then I was watching my sister lay my BFF on her back, My sister straddled her face and I told myself "Don't watch, Don't watch"...I totally watched.

Jul 18
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