My boyfriend is very controlling and demanding and sadistic. I love him and I cannot dump him. He is my first boyfriend and i want to please him, but I know he has a really nasty streak. He likes to push my buttons and make me do dirty, filthy, humiliating things to please him. When i do, he says he loves me and is proud of me. Today, i have a large dildo in my cunt and another one up my ass. They are so large and hurt so much that i can hardly walk. So of course,my bf is taking me out in public. He never lets me wear a bra or panties and makes me wear really short skirts. I know if I move wrong the dildos in my pussy and ass will show. He says i have to learn to be a good girl and follow orders for my boyfriend. I do love him but I am afraid his games will get more and more extreme. For example, he likes to watch me suck the cocks of his buddies. He says he is so proud of me when i do it. I should explain that I am shy and kind of dumb about sex and stuff. I never did anything sexual before I met Tony. He says that if I suck the cocks of his buddies my cocksucking skills will get better. He also says the more cum I swallow the bigger my tits will grow and he wants me to have big tits. I don't have big tits now, they are just starting to grow. I have so much to learn, but Tony said I should come on this site to get some advice on how to be a really good girlfriend. so, how can I please my man. I am trying to move with the dildos up my holes right now.

Jul 18
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    • Kick his ass to the curb...

    • Thank you all for the advice, but I love my bf and want to be a really good girlfriend. I need to learn. Last night I had to suck the dicks of seven of his friends. My jaw and mouth got really tired, but my bf said I would get used to it and it would get much easier. I felt a little sick after with all of that cum in my tummy, but i guess it is okay. He said he was really proud of me, so I felt good. He put rubber bands around my nipples, and I think it is working...they seem longer and bigger. tony said today he wants me to let two of his friends fuck me while he watches to judge my fucking technique, so I can learn to please him more. They both have really big dicks and i want to do a good job to impress Tony. I think the dildos in my holes have helped. I want to make people proud of me.

    • You need some self esteem and love yourself more than someone that would pressure you into these things. Good luck

    • Agreed, tell him if he desires you to be stretched out you can arrange that.

      If he says yes, then go on line and get 2-3 young black men with huge cocks to fuck you in front of him.

      Be sure you have the men fuck you before had as it will hurt at first and you need to show your boyfriend you enjoy it and not that you are afraid of the pain.

      Then leave his ass and find someone else.

    • We are in our late 40s, and my hubby and I am into stretching our pee holes soon after we had mutual masturbation. Now using lube we both can insert the whole length of our fat index fingers in and reach orgasm. Recently, we have started with thicker objects and sounders.

    • Sounds like your boyfriend is a prick. Lose him. You can do better

    • Your breast are still growing? How old are you?? Dump him immediately, sure people have their kinks but he just seems like a seriously shitty person. You can find better men, there are 8 billion people in the world ffs.

    • This is fun right now because you find sex really exciting but one day he is going to take it too far. Dump him.

    • Tell him you want anal

    • But his ass! He needs to be pegged and taught a lesson!

    • Yeah he needs to be tied down and $2 for sure like tickle torture

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