Friends from 3rd grade

Why didn’t you suck each other when you compared cocks & jerked off together, most young boys did & some still do……

Jul 17
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    • It was around 2nd or 3rd grade when my brother about 2 years older than me started playing games at night. We slept in the same bed and most nights it took a while before we fell asleep. He would challenge me with questions and if I got them wrong I had to do what he said. Most of the time it was to put his cock in my mouth and suck while he counted to 10…20 or whatever number. I loved the feel of his cock and most of the time would continue sucking after he was done counting.

      One day I was playing with my best friend and I told him about the game my brother and I played. He said he would like to play. We took turns asking questions and sucking each other. The next day when I went to his house his mother confronted me and told me if I ever did that again I would not be allowed to come to their house anymore. I was almost in tears and left to go home. As I was walking my friends older brother who was about 13 caught up with me and said not to worry, his mom was wrong for scolding me. He said it was natural for guys to suck cock. He laughed and asked me if I wanted to suck his cock. I said yes and we went into my garage. His cock was magnificent, three times the size of my brothers. It was like comfort food sucking on his cock, I loved it. Then I felt his cock get a little bigger and started to throb. My first experience with a mouthful of cum! It tasted salty and I swallowed it. I sucked his cock regularly until he finished high school and left for college. I still suck his cock whenever we get a chance. As they say, you never forget your first love.

    • There was an older boy that convinced me to suck him off when I was 13 years old I think that he was 17 at the time. After the first time he had me sucking his cock every day sometimes twice a day. This one time I was sucking his cock in the garage and he just started to cum in my mouth and my father walked in on us the boy got scared and pulled out and cum was all over my face and he ran away. My father beat me so bad calling me a little fagget I was punished for a couple of months my father didn't let me go outside and I had to stay in my room. After all that I still love sucking cock some how the word got out that I liked sucking dick and a couple of other boys had me given them head but never at my parents house again. I got married and she knew about me sucking cock around the neighborhood but she married me anyways I still love sucking cock today.

    • I sucked off my gym teacher when I was 12. I loved it. He was a hot older Italian man with a thick cock and a beefy body. It was not abuse. I wanted it. When he was taking a piss I looked over, and kept looking….he got hard and told me it was his but only if I wanted it. I went to him and sucked and licked. He cummed within a few minutes and god I loved the taste and could feel his whole body tense up and shoot his wadd into my mouth.

    • I probably would have done stuff in third grade if an older man showed me his dick

    • I wish I could be that man haha

    • I was 11 when my friends and I started jerking each other off and 12 when we started sucking each other.

    • I didn't know anything about gay sex in 3rd grade, that happened later on when I was about 13 and started fooling around with a couple friends and sucking their cocks

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