Arousal before a spanking

Do you get aroused when you are about to bare your ass for a spanking?

10 months ago

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    • Whenever my old man whipped down my pants for a a spanking, I would always have a boner

      Even now as a middle aged man with two kids, Dad still spanks me, of course some of those spankings were because I asked him.

    • Not as a child, but I certainly do as a young woman. Wiggling my bottom as I ease my knickers down over my hips, then bending over and presenting my bare bum to my boyfriend as a blank canvas with which to do whatever he wishes. I find the exposure and vulnerability very arousing. So does he.

    • As a teenager I did when my Mum or Dad spanked me. I always felt guilty about feeling this way. Part of the reason for my "arousal" was that my bottom was always bared for the spankings. Also that I was either put over Mum's lap or Dad's left knee when it was decided I needed a good hiding. Waiting in my bedroom for one of my parents to come up the stairs and tan my backside was exciting as well as scary. But although I was spanked often, they were always well deserved.

    • Of course. My husband spanks me as needed but it's usually a Friday evening thing. I have to confess the things that I've done wrong during the week (usually made up, but so what?) before receiving my punishment. I think that it's a catholic thing as I was brought up in a catholic family where confession before communion was the norm. I always wear a T shirt and panties because I love the feeling of them being removed as I'm bent over a chair or over his knees. It's a delicious excitement of them being pulled down, not off, of what's to come that gets my pussy wet. The spanking is never hard, just stinging. Afterwards I have to apologize and thank him. Sex of some kind always follows. I love it.

    • Hell yes, the pre-cum flowing like a clear mountain stream !

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