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This could fit into anyone of a number of catagories. I'm looking for tip on how to perform autofellatio. I can already jizz on my own face and in my mouth (i'm definitely a spitter), but can't quite get my lips around my own lumber. I can make tongue contact on the head, but that's about it. Help a kinky boy out!!

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  • Least you made it that far! I know when I was 15-18 I was skinny and really wanted to taste a dick, so one day I sat on the bed and tried to taste mine and was able to touch the head with my tongue. Next time I tried, I was able to touch my lips, and then was able to fit it in my mouth. I was able to do it standing up, sitting down on the bed or toilet, or how most ppl do it by laying on my back and putting my legs over my head. Your back just has to feel loose. Most days I had trouble or would get a headache by trying to tilt my head down that far. Then I started not being able to do it anymore, but I still try every once in awhile when I can. I was actually able to lick my dick again in August. I definitely love having cum on my face.

  • Btw, when you are able to do it, definitely spare some time after a long swim. That was my most fav time! My dick felt so warm and smooth in my mouth and was able to fit a little bit more in. If I had more time, I would've tried to fit more and more.

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