Every boy is broken in by a more dominant male

Sometimes you just want to relive an experience. I was not gay or anything close to it. But I was nineteen and had very little facial hair and I am not a big guy. I got a job for the summer as a front desk clerk at a hotel downtown. Everyone had to wear the same uniform, but it is hot and heavy so most all employees change into their uniform in the men's or women's room downstairs near the conference rooms.

I went down there to use the facilities. I was very private about that and when I walked out of the stall the night auditor was there. A heavy smoker and never shaved completely, with grey in his hair. He is a man with large hands and he was in his underwear getting his uniform on. He noticed me and grabbed his cock in his shorts and said 'how about a blowjob'. I tried to walk past him but he grabbed my arm and said he wasn't asking.

He grabbed my hair in his hand and bent me down until I fell on my knees and he put his cock in my face telling me to 'open up and don't stop till you swallow'. I didn't know what he was talking about, he pushed his cock against my lips until I had to open my mouth. That's the moment you know you've been dominated. 'That's a boy now grab my cock in your in hand and suck until I get done'. He grabbed my hand which was around his cock and he forced me to 'jerk' him off while I had his cock in my mouth and then he started ejaculating. What wasn't in my mouth I had wipe into my mouth and lick it off his cock. He stood me up and pinned me against the wall and kissed me, getting his tongue in my mouth, and grabbing my ass in his hand.

I went home that night with my head hung low. I had been forced to be gay and I didn't like it. But he was very dominant and I 'sucked' him off many times that summer. He had me carry a tube of lube and he fucked me over the sink, he liked me well lubed up so his cock went in easy. After sucking him off, which always meant that he came in my mouth, or after getting fucked he pinned me and kissed me. When he kissed me it was impossible for me to keep my eyes open, like sharks my eyes rolled up into my head. I never missed being on time.

Rumors in hotels are rampant and the bell boys knew that when I was down in the men's room with him no one went in there. Some bell boy must have suffered my same fate. I went to work that summer and went back to school that fall a gay boy forever destined to search out a dominant man to suck and get fucked by.

Jul 12
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    • The uniform part reminded me of my first real job in 1970. i was a bell boy. Mom was working for a hotel chain and helped me get hired. I was so skinny the mens uniform pants wouldn't fit. I should say, the pants in stock. We ordered some but it would take two weeks. I wore women's slacks with the back zipper. My shirt was a woman's fitted shirt too. But mom replaced the sleeves and collar with the sleeves and collar from the closest mens sized shirt and I wore a man's vest over it. The uniform pants and vest were dark brown. Men wore ties and women wore a little scarf thing. My pants were tighter so I couldn't wear boxers until my mens slacks came in. I got teased by the guys that knew but no one else really noticed.

    • Oh my god I got rock hard and jerked off to that story imagining I was you. Thank you.

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