Falling in love with my coworker

While I was in college the lesbian wave was happening. I think just about every girl was experimenting, including me. I could kiss alright, that seemed to be innocent fun and I liked kissing with a girl, much more than putting up with a guy kissing me. I was a 'tittie' girl, rubbing your face into a girls tits has it's own rewards. I liked having my tits played with and I liked holding a girl's face in my tits. I also liked naked girls in the showers, and like most girls, I liked girls who were in shape and had definite hips and long slender necks and fingers and who had tits that bounced but didn't sag. I was a normal girl in that sense.

But when it came to 'that'. Having to face a woman's open pussy, whether she had pubes or not, that's when I turned to ice. I couldn't do it. I could close my eyes and open my legs and pretend it wasn't a girl, but it was never followed by a fucking and I always felt incomplete. I needed to be manhandled and fucked. Whether I wanted it or not, a manhandling always got me in heat.

That's how I graduated and that's how I went to work. The rules at work were strict, no sexual activity between coworkers. If it got out it was a one time note in your files and the second note got you fired. If you got hot with a coworker it just had to remain a secret.

Because I started in HR I had a small office with a desk and a credenza. Most of the employees at my level worked in the 'farm' in small cubicles, where you couldn't fart. There was this girl, I will call her Mitzy. She 'liked' me and I could tell, that girl looked at me like I was some goddess. She followed me around and sat beside me in the deli downstairs and told me 'secrets'. Very intimate personal secrets like she had to get preparation H because she had passed one that was too big and it tore her and she had to go see a doctor. She was always short of a tampon or a pad, and those in the women's restroom she didn't like, she liked the ones I used.

She told me that she dreamt of me, walking her by the hand on the beach at sunset, and laying her back on the sand and kissing her. She told me that she laid back in her bed and rubbed herself dreaming that I was kissing her, there. She told me she couldn't help it but she was pretty sure one hundred percent that she was in love with me. She invited me to every sort of after work or weekend activity.

The day we got in trouble was the day she came to my office and closed the door and told me she wanted me to see what she had bought the night before at Macy's. She was wearing a dress, which wasn't a common thing at work. She walked around to face me in my chair and pulled her dress up to show me her panties. She had no hair on her pussy, she was totally waxed and her panties were wedged up in her slit and I was sure up the crack of her ass. The panties were lavender, with a little tiny ribbon on them. My hand worked without my brain being able to control it and I gently ran my fingers over her mound and I ran my finger down the center of her slit. Leaning forward I put my mouth on her panties and pressed my tongue into her slit while my hands worked their way around and held her naked cheeks.

It's not that I had kissed my first pussy, it's that it was a reportable offense and I was HR and I had to write up a warning. She looked at me and her words were difficult to follow, in slow motion she said "I love you" and it came out of my mouth without warning "I love you too". I took her by the hips and buried my face in her pussy and cried. Not because we were getting fired, but because I loved her.

I had to cover it up. No one saw us, true, but it was an offense and I had to report it. Report her, report myself. I was HR. The only thing left for me was to resign to protect her. Get another job somewhere.

Things moved really fast after that and we got married six weeks later, that way we had to work for different supervisors but it wasn't an offense to kiss and put my face in her pussy. It was a small wedding, with our parents who were not for it, and a few friends who were equally surprised. I mean, everyone knows that girls were having sex, but that's a far cry to getting married. And 23 is so young, you haven't lived, you haven't even gone on your first paid vacation. At least we weren't pregnant.

Why I love putting my face in her pussy is the mystery, smelling her pussy when she is wet, kissing her soft insides and licking up her slick juice. How do you explain that. Her open pussy, flower, is so neat and perfect. Every little part of her is right there and I can kiss it and touch it and make love to her. No turning to ice, no need for some guy manhandling me. Although in true confession, I do miss a 'good fucking'. But I'm married now so I'm not cheating.

Jul 12
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