Cummings in Diet Coke

I drove across the US, Canada and into Alaska recently. One thing I love to do while driving is have porn playing in thr background. I try to see hoe many times I can make myself cum while driving 8 to q0 days at a time. No I'm not in a big rig! Just a guy alone in his truck. One thing I live to do is deposited my cum in a cup or my hand and swallow it back down.

I was working myself up but had just filled my cup with Diet Coke. Instead of Cummings in my hand I had the idea to just cum in my drink and slowly slurp it down with my diet coke. So I deposited my load in the cup and something weird happened. The coke separated, like water on top and all the syrup went to the bottom, like some chemical magic. I've googled this reaction to see why and can't find anything. I've done it several times since and it always breaks down like this! My wife has made me during my humiliation tasks cum in my mixed drink at the bar. My issue is I love Jack and Coke, but I'm afraid of having to drunk this concoction as I'm not sure what's happening. Is it safe to drink? I tried mixing it back together but it wouldn't, so I just poured it out. I did repeat this vmbut with fruit juice or just water on the rest of my trip. So any scientists in here wanna explain? Yea I know it's gross to some, fuck off. I love cum and nothing anyone says will ever change this! Especially an insecure homophobe who would let me suck him off withing seconds if there was no way of anyone finding out!

Jul 12
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    • I never "Cummed" pop but I have "Cunned" but one of the things that I do is One thing is I've deposited my cum in a cup and swallow it .. tasting my own "Cum."

      /I was "Cumming" .. "Masterbating" with myself up all of the suden and yes I know it's gross to some people to drink one's own "Cum."..I have gotten s "Horny" that i've even "F-cked" a ( tub of btter ) pounding my "Cock" int the lvey "Cum."
      I have found that unlike using lotion, or lube the butter did a simular job in ( "stroking" .. "Jacking - Off"

    • I started with my own and my wife indulges my cravings. She will sometimes bring me home a treat from the club. A condom or 2 from her fucking dudes in the parking lot. The first time I was hesitant but she made me do it. Now I crave them. I've never sucked a guy off but do enjoy a good load when brought home for me. I do eat any cum I ever produce now.

    • I use my cum in my milk-shakes or melting ice cream - tastes GREAT!

    • I love this idea also!

    • I like to pick up hitchhikers, and ask if I can suck them off. Some say yes. If I pick up a girl, they act nervous at first, concerned of rape, no doubt. I tell them not to worry, I'm a cock sucker. That breaks the ice, we have good conversations, and some of them suck me off before they get out. I always ask them to snow ball me, so I can enjoy my cum.

    • Sounds like fun!

    • The think the wisest solution is to never drink Diet Coke

    • Lol true... not gonna stop drinking cum, that's for damn sure!

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