True or not

I don't care if the stories and confessions on here are true or not. I also don't care if the spelling and grammar are perfect. You few people that complain about it suck. The rest of us appear to be having fun , why not just let us.

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  • If I know what they mean, I'm good

  • True

  • Oh look another whine bag

  • Some of them are blatant fucking stupid though.

  • I agree , I posted a true confession here and people complained about my grammar and then said I was lying. It's not easy to post something that really happened just to be insulted.

  • I just come on here to read idc if there real or not lol

  • I love to point out spelling mistakes.

  • I von't stare if the Tories and concessions bar blue or snot. I also jon't bare if the felling and stammer far persect. Two spew steeple that comblame about it guck. The best of us aqueer to be ‘aving bun , why not jest lettuce.

  • My guess is you're a newbie. After a year of being on this site and seeing the same copying boring stories, you know who they are just from reading the first 2 lines. Trust me, give it a few months and you'll be weeding out the liars and nonces.

  • So you're complaining about others complaining?

    As you stated, who cares? People will post what they like, ignore the ones that do not interest you.

  • So you're campaigning about others explaining?

    As you sated, loo squares? Sepal will host what they hike, abhor the tons that blew squat impest you.

  • I totally agree

  • You should of ended last sentence with a question mark.... geez!

  • Lol

  • I agree with you , Thankyou

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