I'm a bottom boy from the time I was old enough to bend over

I have this little secret in my life. It has to do with a peepee in my mouth. I was in the fifth grade and my neighbor in the fourth and we went to pee in the toilet. We did what boys do and we crossed streams and then he peed on me and I peed on him. We laughed and I sat on the toilet seat and sucked his peepee. He still had some pee in his peepee which I licked up and swallowed. This is the way it was, I did the sucking and licking and he did the other thing, which was to rough house on me and rub his dick along my butt crack. At that tender age I was clearly a bottom and he was clearly a top. I surrendered myself to him and he was Tarzan that afternoon, having conquered me and he put his foot on my neck and I looked up at his peepee that I wanted so much to suck.

When I went to his house I had chores to do, straighten out his bookshelf, take his underwear out of the drawer and fold it before putting his tidy whities back in the drawer. From time to time he lowered his pants and I kissed his ass. From time to time he lowered his pants and I sucked his peepee. From time to time I cleaned the toilet and he peed in my mouth. Of course he needed to be Tarzan and I pulled my pants down and he inserted his peepee in my butt.

Then one day we were in junior high, I was in the ninth grade and he was in the eighth grade and he grabbed me by the balls and told me to call him uncle. I cried uncle, and that's the nickname I called him by after that. There was an older boy who put the eye on me and pressed me against the wall in the showers and kissed me. Uncle became incensed that some other boy was moving in on me. For the first time ever he exhibited rage and jealousy. I got a lecture, no one kissed me. But I had liked being kissed and I snuck around for that boy to kiss me.

The boy was seventeen to my fourteen and he had a man dick already. I went with him to the equipment room, he played football, and I sucked his dick and he kissed me. I offered him my butt and bent over and he completed himself in me. I had a new boyfriend after that and Uncle had no choice about it. Before high school ended I had sucked the dick of the tennis and golf coach, and let him fuck me.

I am along in years, I work part time at an art supply store. The man who works next door at the paint store is as rough as you can get, a regular Paul Bunyan. Sometimes I sit on the rim of the bathtub and wait for him to finish peeing and suck the last few drops out of his peepee. I love kissing and he kisses me in a way that makes my knees tremble and my pants go down and he hammers his dick in me.

Jul 10
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