I like to pee in public

Sometimes I could total hold it until I get home or to a public restroom, but I still pee in a public place. Like today when I was leaving a store in a strip mall. I had to pee so I pulled into a parking stall on the side of the building, mostly out of the way, but still in view and opened the door of my car and got out and peed next to it. I have peed in stairwells and dressing rooms and really want to pee in the isle of an open store.

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  • You should piss in the public restroom, but not in the toilet :) piss all over the floor, walls, in the trash bins, soap dispensers and such.

  • Me too!! love to pee in naughty places

  • Fairly normal. If I have to go and I'm close to a shopping center or something, I don't even bother going inside. I pull around back and let loose. Hiking local trails, if there's nobody around, pull aside and piss. Hell, when I used to go walking at night on some side roads, if I had to go, I'd stop behind a car and piss a puddle.

  • Let your pee be free! Lol

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