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A little bit about me. I come from 'old' money and studied Women's Rights at a NW in Evansville. My goal was to be a Human Rights lawyer, but I can't get into law school. I am a lesbian, the other known lesbian in our family is an aunt. I did pretty bad on the LSAT so door is closed. I am not OUT. On penalty of being disinherited. "You do not air your dirty laundry in public".

I have had a couple of longer term relationships, both with women of lower socioeconomic backgrounds and many one night stands with girls I've met on campus. The work of maintaining a relationship is exhausting, or maybe it's because they were basically poor and I had to deal with their baggage.

I met a girl from Latin America, I won't say which country, but for her to 'stay' we have to make some moves. My family has the connections for a visa, but the easiest route is for me to marry her. She is LATINA and not lilly white. My AUNT who is the other lesbian told me that I run the risk of being kicked out of the inheritance pool if I get married to an unapproved party. Fuck them, but don't bring them into the family.

By now you have figured out that my family is progressive in name only, they are lilly white old conservative money. My lesbian aunt is a lawyer to advises corporations against unions. She's a damn lesbian and her 'lover' is hidden behind curtains. No way she is getting married and no way I will be allowed to get married to a lesbian. Nothing that will bring attention to the family, being gay is an affliction, and nobody's business. NORMAL is the order of the day.

The penalty of not getting into law school is that now I have to get married. Over on the other side of the pond is the son of a very close friend. He is eligible, he is already an attorney, works in the banking house side of his family, and I would make a good mate for him, gene pool and all that. It's about the children, you know. Always about the children, breed, breed, breed. My nose is pointed that way, a great shame that I studied Women's Rights but I'm good blood, and I will dedicate myself to making babies. (very quietly, and i can have a little lover on the side). But I am going to live over there with those snobs.

Nothing in these families happens on its own. My girlfriend will be sent across the pond on some sort of visa, to work in one of the business ventures and be hidden from view. She will be brought in through the back gate and leave through the back gate and have her own place and address. I can fuck her all I want, but it will not be public and will not be formalized. I will get married to Josh and produce the next generation of little snobs. Keep in mind, if Josh finds something delicious to play with I won't be able to complain.

My aunt told me not to be stupid and to make my girlfriend my maid, that way I can have her around all day. She can wipe my butt and serve me tea in the morning. Her solutions are always so simple and direct.

Jul 10
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    • I fucked a Mt Holyoke College girl that was from Evansville. She was a terrible lay but sucked cock like a champ. I thought this was relevant given the Evansville connection.

    • Didn’t you see the movie Arthur (Dudley Moore and Liza Minelli)? He married the slut he was in love with and still got the money. That aside, you’d have a civil rights case to challenge the will if you were written out over sexual preference. Maybe.

    • So you can live a life better than 80% of the humans on this world can live in and you have a problem? Build a bridge.

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