Sloppy seconds

My wife and I had a friend around a couple of days ago for a bit of fun. There was lots of playing and sucking. Eventually my friend ended up fucking my wife hard and filling her with his spunk. As soon as he pulled out I pushed my cock into her creampie, I must admit it felt amazing. My cock slid in with ease and it was lovely and warm, and made a slopping noise as I fucked her. When I looked at my cock as I slid it in and out of her I could see it was covered in his cum, I found this so exciting that I soon added to it. Once I pulled out we watched the frothing liquid oozing out of her. It was so hot.

Jul 9
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    • Me and a coworker use to take turns fucking my wife, one of us would jack off while the other one fucked her, my wife was an eager slut to fuck in the ways that we liked to fuck her, she also loved sucking a dick, I always liked to watch her suck and fuck a big dick, the bigger the better we liked it.

    • My wife was my first sloppy seconds. We met when we were 18, she was dating another guy and me at the same time because we weren’t exclusive. I’d go to her house and knock on the window and she’d let me in for sex while her parents slept late at night. One night I came by and the window was already opened, music was playing inside her room, I looked in and saw her legs spread open wide and the ass of the other guy going up and down while his cock penetrated her pussy with no condom. I watched and touched myself. When they finished she sucked him.

    • When I shared my wife and both of us were cumming in her daily, she complained that her pussy started to smell bad. I told her I wouldn’t stop cumming in her, and that the other guy could stop. She accepted that neither of wanted to stop.

    • My wife said I was her first, but of course that was a lie. She had two before and was doing a guy while I was going with her. I put that behind me, though I was hurt by her dishonesty.
      I actually wonder how many times she told me that she was so wet just thinking about me, when in fact her other lover had just dumped his load in her.

    • Growing up I made the mistake of falling for the town slut. When we started messing around, I was never the first one of the day and rarely the last one of the night. At the time I hated 'sharing' her. She never liked me as much as I was enamored with her. She eventually dumped me for richer pastures.

      The first time I had a virgin I was very disappointed. I had always heard of the joys of a virgin but I hated it. I definitely like looser pastures better.

      I married a reformed slut who was trying to be wholesome to land a husband and start a family. Boy, was she surprised that she didn't need to be "Good" anymore.

    • I would have licked her pussy afterwards and eaten all the cum

    • Lucky man, ear rhe creanpie, you'll thank me after! Eat the pie!!!

    • This might sound strange but in my college years me and my friend had a common girl friend, a bit chubby but with a pair of great boobs, ass cheeks and thick-set pussy lips. Our weekends were filled with endless petting, hugging and long foreplay towards nightly fun. We used to take round to fuck her or she fucked us till we all got exhausted - soon after we would suck her pussy clean enjoying our mixed cum oozing out of her. This went on for about two years till she moved to a European university... But I cannot forget the charm of a cum-filled warm pussy to dig my cock in!!

    • Yummy!!!

    • My first sloppy seconds was on spring break in Daytona with my roommate's girlfriend. He was a nerd with loaded parents from Atlanta. They paid for his spring break and he invited me to go because he hadn't made many friends. I agreed and just had to pay for my food and beer. He didn't mention his girlfriend would be going with us until we were on the road. He said we needed to stop in Atlanta to pick up his gf. I thought 'oh boy a week of nerd talk and math'.
      As it turned out, his girlfriend Maddy was hot! She had long blonde hair, nice tits, long legs and firm ass. She was actually fun too. Once we arrived she changed into a bikini and wore one the entire time. whew!
      Monday evening, I went up to the room to pee and walked in on them f**king. I apologized and told them I just need to pee and I'll leave.
      Then it happened, Maddy looked at me, smiled and said, "Oh you're fine, he's about to finish, I can tell. You can go take over when he's done." I didn't know if she was saying that to get him to finish quicker or not. I went to the bathroom and emptied my tank. I came out and he was walking past me to the bathroom, patted me on the back and said, "She really wants you. Go ahead." I came out and she was spread eagle on the couch dripping. She winked, I dropped my shorts and plunged my already hard c**ck into her. I pounded until I had emptied all I had.
      They had me join them 3 more times.

    • My wife and I did this also, but it was my roommate that fucked my wife!

    • Same with my wife. We were 19 and dating, my best friend stayed with my at my dorm room while my girlfriend (now wife) was with me. Her and I started making out and having sex under the sheets one drunk night while my friend was asleep on the sofa, same rooms he wasn’t asleep though and was watching us. We were drunk and I told my girl to suck him while I had sex with her. I then said let’s switch, and we went back and forth on her mouth and pussy. We went back to back in her ass another drunk night, that was rough on her. He was my best man out our wedding.

    • You should have cleaned up your friends cum first then fucked her.

    • Creampies are delicious!

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