First experiences

When I (fem) was 8 I had a crush on a son off our neighbors. We often played together and once, when we were alone, we played, "show me yours and I show you mine". It was his suggestion but I immediately was excited. we both took of our clothes and did what it was for. I had seen my dads penis some times and it was much bigger than his, but it had not been hard and upright. It was really excited,. He just got me to touch him, when the door opened and his older brother (15) came in. We were both shocked and I started crying. But he calmed us down and then took off his clothes too. he asked if we want to know, what adults do when they like each other. His penis was much bigger and it stood up too. he let us touch it and it was really hard but one could move the skin up and down. I liked that. He had me lay down and showed his brother my bodyparts. when my friend touched my vagina it was kind of magic. he showed off my clitoris and I never felt like when the boys both touched me there. I think that's when I think, I had the first orgasm of my life. He showed his younger brother how to masturbate and I watched both boys do it simultaneously. then he let me touch them both and do to them, what they just did to themselves. Then he said he would do one more thing that a cousin had showed him and of what he had seen their parents do. He went down on me and touched my clitoris with his tounge. he played with it and it was even more exciting than doing it with his finger. I orgasmed again. Then he did it to his brother only that he put it in his mouth and let him then get inside out. He showed me how to do it but then the parents came back and we had to hurry. since then, always when we were alone we got naked and do this kissing thing down there. I learned that it was called 69 years later. (sorry for bad english, I'm german)


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  • When I was four, I showed a neighbor girl mine, and she showed me hers. If I had known that there was more we could have done, I would have suggested it. But I didn't even know that touching etc. would be fun. Too innocent.

  • Molestation

  • I agree. It sounds like what happened to me.

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