My angry manager

When I was 21 I worked as a barman. A new manager took over. She was late twenties, 6 feet tall and would’ve weighed over 200lbs. She had an enormous ass, huge boobs and always dressed in tight, provocative clothes. She also had a bad temper. Most of the staff left within a few months of her arrival and I was one of the last to still be there.

She did have a boyfriend but I assume they broke up because he stopped coming by and she was even angrier. She rostered me on one weekend I had requested off so I went up to see her. She yelled at me but said she’d cover it. I left the office and heard her scream and the sound of something break. I went back in and asked if she’s ok. She said no, she’s really angry, everything in her life is shit etc. I told her if change my plans. She smiled and there was a moment. We had sex in her office. She invited me back to her house after work.

I’ve mentioned how big she is. I’m 5ft9, and weighed barely 130 at the time. She took al her aggression out on me. Sat on my face, squeezed my head with her thighs. She had me massaging her legs, her ass, I was completely dominated by her. After that at work, she’d message me if she was “getting angry” and in need of pampering.

This turned into a more equal and respectful relationship. It ended eventually but I still think of her from time to time

3 months ago

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    • Be grateful that she wanted you to pamper her and so for that non equal relationship you had and ask her if you can also worship her feet

    • I honestly dislike that become a more "equal" relationship , it would be so much better if as an employee you just keep worship her both has a subordinate and as a lover , i mean your relationship with her was just the dream of many people , even women

    • Yes!! that would be a wet dream cum true........ to have to deal with an angry superior bitch at absolutely every turn of absolutely every day, and one with total leverage over you. the only thing better would be if she called you filthy, demeaning names at home and work, especially while smothering you with her magnificent ass and forcing you to french-kiss her anus.

    • Rage aside, the rest is really the dream of all the worshipers , to have a beautiful woman as a manager that understand how worshiper should be part of the work and so yes , kiss her divine anus and thanks her for that , and to the same with her feet

    • God, she sounds absolutely wonderful, and you sound incredibly fortunate and blessed. Please tell us more about the relationship. How long did it last altogether? Did it become exclusive? Or did she date other guys? Did the two of you ever discuss marriage? Any family planning? Did you ever ask her (even occasionally) to resume her dominant role (even temporarily)? Did you ultimately marry someone else? Thank you for sharing this with us!!!!!!!!!

    • That's my thought exactly , they should restore that amazing dominant kind of relationship :D

    • Well your a real lucky little dick aren't you, but I think you bullshit here.

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