Listening to mom

I am 17 and my mom is 45 my mom is so sexy. She is divorced. But she had a date last night. Well around 11 pm I was awakened by my mom in the next room getting fucked. She was screaming fuck my pussy fuck me. I could her bed hitting the wall and him pounding her. I got so wet I started to rub my clit as he pounded her. He fucked her good. It was so hot. She was screaming make my pussy cum take it fuck me. He started to yell I am going to cum my mom screams cum baby cum in my pussy. I made myself cum 3 times listening. It’s so hot to know my mom has cum in her pussy today.

Jul 8
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    • I would always hear my mom get fucked. I would wait till she went to the room and then seconds later. I would hear her her moan she would moan really loud. I get close to the door and just hear her getting fucked. I jack off to her sounds I love to hear mom be fucked every time she come home with her boyfriend I knew it was time to hear her fuck. It was so exciting to hear mom get fucked she would be Cummings and she would just let out oh I had so many nights as a kid Jacking off to my mom getting fucked good memories

    • I would always hear my mom get fucked.

    • When I was young I would look in my mom's drawers just sneaking. I found a stack of Polaroids my mom and dad took while they were fucking. Both me and my brother shared the photos and got off in them. I think she knew we took some as well but never says anything. I mean what could she say lol

    • Record it next time

    • Your mom must had a young hard cock to fuck with!! The cock must be a black one. Why don't you join in when they are on the peak in the act?

    • Great idea. In the heat of the moment your mom will be open to anything and everything as everyone one knows a woman in the midst of incredible sex will do anything and the guy will definitely not turn you away as mother and daughter is ever man’s dream

    • I remember hearing my mom getting f*cked.
      I was supposed to be at my friends house gaming but a family emergency caused me to come home early. Dad was out of town for work and I was in my room gaming when I heard mom's car pull in. When a second car pulled in behind her I turned off the lights and hid in my closet with my bedroom door open three quarters.
      I heard it all. The guy's deep voice. Mom say she loved his 'big cock' & her sucking his cock. I heard the bed rocking and mom saying 'oh yes!' 'harder'. He f**ked mom three times before he left. I remember hearing mom ask if he'd like to say but he said, 'I'm all f**ked out and I have an early flight tomorrow.' See ya in Dallas.
      The next morning, I was up and in the kitchen when mom woke up. I promised to keep things quite. lol.
      I found out later he was a VP and had been hitting on her for months. She finally caved.
      btw; mom went to Dallas a few weeks later for work.

    • So did your mom end up getting a promotion?

      Did your dad ever find out? Did your mom and dad stay married?

    • I never thought to ask if she got promoted. lol. I did post the story on this site a few months ago. "Listening to mom have sex with a guy she brought home."

    • Nice. Great to know your mom is getting what she needs and not afraid to hold back. Hope you have the same opportunity

      I’m 51 went on a date night with my husband. Had a few drinks then went to a hotel near our home and fucked my husbands brains out. Gave him BJ that drove home wild.

      No matter your age a woman needs a good hard pounding. Wheather she is the giver or the recipient

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