Fill me up

I'm a 42 year old white male. I have never had a real dick up my ass. I have been fucking myself with large dildos and vibrators for almost 20 years now. Something is missing. Cum...lots and lots of it. So, I guess my question is, how do I go about getting fucked raw and having every drop of every hot load of somewhere in the ballpark of 1000 men?

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  • I want to be fucked hard and deep with a nice fat also. Then i want to milk that cock with my pretty mouth.

  • Go down to your local fire station. Grab a three inch fire hose, ram that bad boy up your ass, then crank that fucker up to 200 PSI and enjoy. That will satisfy your urges for a long time.

  • I have had some experiences with several guys over several hours. Adult theaters were where I had the most action. I went into viewing booths with glory holes, with my door unlocked. I had dicks to enjoy through the holes and men would also enter my booth to be pleased. I had men using my ass and mouth to cum in. I loved the times that I had two cocks at the same time. I enjoyed when even after I pulled my panties up over my well fucked ass I could feel the cum leak out and run down my legs. It was perfect for a cross dresser like me. No one cared that I was a guy in a garter and stockings with my panties at my feet, they wanted to fuck someone or have their dicks sucked, they just wanted to cum in or on some one. I was eager to give them what they wanted because they gave me what I wanted. I wanted cum, all the cum I could swallow or take up my ass.

  • You foul mouthed thing.

  • Have a friend tie your hands then shove half a stick of dynamite up your arse ans set it off, that should give you the thrill your seeking, moron.

  • Rob a bank, kill someone in the process and go to prison. Then you can be the biggest slut in the pen.

  • That actually is probably the best way to go about getting fucked bare by hundreds of men, at least!

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