My Wife and I bare all at a nudist resort

My wife is of Irish descent and has auburn hair and very attractive with sexy hips and ass. I have always wanted to take her to a nude beach, resort or similar place where I could watch her naked and exposed outdoors.
We had previously vacationed down south a few times and she was topless a couple of occasions on a beach. I enjoy looking at her. The last time she was topless, we shared a lounger on a beach, and she sat in front of me so I had a clear view of her.
Once we were back home in Ontario, I decided to track down a resort where we could be nude. There was a resort only a 30-minute drive from where we live and close to Hamilton.
It took some persuading for her to go and a promise that she could wear her swimsuit while we were there. I already knew that anyone swimming, using the sauna or hot-tub would have to be naked but didn't share that piece of info with her.
We set out mid-morning during a warm summer's day to visit the site. As we drove, I could see that she was a little hesitant and was glad to see she was not changing her mind about going. I actually think she was intrigued.
As soon as we got there we registered at reception. It was next to an indoor pool that was empty. A few people were sitting around the bar and were undressed. From reception, I could see the outdoor patio, outdoor pool and hot tub. There were several couples enjoying the sun.
We found our way to the changeroom and undressed and showered. I felt so excited watching her naked in the shower. No one else was around us but the possibility of someone walking in really excited me. I watched Kim relax under the warm shower and enjoyed seeing the water run down her naked body.
Surprisingly, once showered, Kim wrapped her towel around herself and we went outside to the pool patio. No swimsuit!
There were about 5 couples and two single guys already sun tanning on the loungers.
Kim walked to the far side of the pool, where it was a little quieter, and placed her towel on the lounger and prepared to lay down. Oh my, she looked so beautiful and I was happy that she felt comfortable to be naked and expose herself.
We applied lotion and it felt so erotic. As she turned over, I couldn't take my eyes off of her beautiful ass. It's plump and round and just perfect. I could not believe that this is the ass I could see every day and how she presented herself to all that was there.
It wasn't too long before she wanted to swim. The pool looked welcoming and refreshing. Kim stood up and left her towel on the lounger. Wow.
Taking my hand, she walked me to the pool and we enjoyed a relaxing chat and swim.
Walking out, we picked up our towels and headed to a patio where we were adjacent to a bar and a small lake. Sitting opposite each other, I was facing the bar while Kim was facing me and the lake. She had one foot on the chair seat and was exposing herself to me.
She had shaved the evening before and I could see her pussy was open and extremely wet. I leaned into her and gently inserted my finger into her wet hole. Her eyes immediately rolled, and I could see that she was extremely relaxed and very, very horny.
To avoid attention, I leaned back into my chair and decided to place my foot on her chair. Extending my leg, my toe met her pussy and I continued to play with her. She moved a couple of inches closer. I was surprised since this was something new to both of us. Kim was so horny that I started to fuck her with my toe. She met each stroke as we looked at each other until she came.
We decided to walk and explore the resort. I could see that there was a field about 200 meters away which was at the far side of the pond.
We stood up and I wrapped my towel around my waist. I was flying half mast so couldn't carry my towel. Again, to my surprise, my wife did not wrap her towel around her torso but just covered her hips and ass. We walked along a path and out to the field. We passed two couples sitting in lawn chairs together and said “hi”. I could see both guys checking out my wife. As we walked along the path, she told me that she enjoyed the warm breeze and sun on her body.
We continued to walk into an open field. No real privacy. Kim surprised me again and dropped to her knees and started to slowly suck my cock while I was standing in the centre of the field. We were both in full view of anyone walking near us. Oh my, what a BJ. Kim has always been good at giving head but occasionally, when she was in a certain mood, her talents were unbelievable. She was in the moment and not concerned about where we were or what we were doing. I looked around and saw a couple watching us. Thinking that they would not approve and possibly report us, I turned to partly cover their view of Kim taking my cock to the back of her throat and devouring me. Looking back, they were still watching so I thought there would be no problem giving them the full view. Turning sideways they now had a complete view of my wife on her knees, naked and blowing me. I played with her tits and then my hands went to the back of her head. We took a break after a few more minutes. Kim had not realized that she was being watched and I told her a couple had been watching us. She looked up at me and grinned. Then proceeded to take my full load and milk me while I remained standing and she remained on her knees.
We started to walk back towards the pool area and Kim wanted to stop and sit in the field prior to leaving the relative seclusion. While laying down we played with and caressed each other. Without saying anything, Kim got on all fours and turned back to look at me. Seeing her radiant face and looking into her eyes my gaze turned to her behind and wet shaved pussy. I could not believe it. My wife bare assed naked with her head down and her ass up taking it like we were dating. Pounding her from behind and looking at her shaved pussy and butt hole was a huge turn-on.
As we finished and started to continue our journey back to the pool we met a woman walking in the same direction. She was a few years younger than us and slender with a very attractive body. It felt weird and a little uncomfortable talking with a stranger completely nude. She asked if we had enjoyed ourselves while we were in the field. Realizing that she had watched Kim and I fuck each other was exciting. Kim now certainly knew that she had been watched and it was arousing that we had been caught.
Back at the pool, we dropped our towels at the loungers and had another swim. I could see a couple of guys checking her out. They moved over to where our towels were and sat on the opposite loungers facing our loungers and towels. Perhaps 15 feet away.
As we walked to our towels, Kim bent over and picked her's up. With her back to the guys she leaned forward and started to dry off reaching all the way to her feet. I didn't know if this was on purpose to give the two guys a show or not. But they certainly enjoyed the site while she was fully bent over and showing her shaved lips between her butt cheeks. I think I could see some cum dripping out.
Off to the sauna we go. Kim walking in front of me waddling that beautiful ass that was slightly sun burnt.
Once in the sauna, we relaxed and started to play with one another again. Her hand on my cock massaging and caressing my balls while the fingers of my one hand were investigating her gash and the other hand's fingers circling and ultimately penetrating her rear hole.
Kim would occasionally finger herself in front of me when we were younger. I wanted her to do the same now. I really enjoyed watching her finger plough her love hole.
There was a window in the door to the sauna and I could hear a few voices outside so I told her that I would head outside the sauna and take a shower so I could ensure no one would come in and interrupt her.
Kim came out satisfied with a big grin and smile on her face. We headed home relaxed and tired from our day's outing but gave each other a good and long fuck pounding.

2 months ago

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    • As a full time nudist. I don't believe that happened. Maybe if no one saw you. But not in front of other nudist people. We like to keep our place as a nudist colony and the fastest way to lose that and get arrested for indecency is to preform sex acts outside at the club. Also we pride our selfs as full time nudists we refrain from getting turned on also. You would have bee reported faster than lighting. Or it is not a true camp.

    • Yep. Thanks for the lecture…

    • It's not a true camp, and, not a true story.

    • Fantastic post, your ever so lucky.

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