If you had to pick

Hi Guy's, If you saw a nice looking woman in her early 30's in good shape. Would you rather? Be able to see in her top, B Cup, Husband says look great, or See up her skirt? Either with or without underwear. As much as possible tastefully done.

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  • My wife took me to a golf tournament for my birthday in Rye NY. I had never been to one.
    She was wearing a skirt, mid thigh, and a linen blouse with a nice lace bra, not see threw but a nice look.I brought binoculars, and we had our program once we got there. We headed out to a hole that we would see some pro's I liked, Not far from the green and in view of the fairway, we sat in some bleacher's. After being there a short time, Two guy's early twenty's sat in front of us down a couple row's. I was telling my wife who was going to be coming down the fairway, and one of the guys looked back and asked if we knew of another player. At one point I noticed one or both of them looking back to ask a question or see the tee behind us. After a bit we left to go see another player, and found another spot, not to long after we saw the two guys coming up the bleachers again.
    I didn't really think much of it until I went down to get us a drink, and on my way back started up the bleacher with the two guys talking to my wife, and as I got to the right height found that they could look up her skirt very easy. She had white lacy panties on, and great thigh's.
    They ended up sitting in front of us one more time before we went home. She looked great and they enjoyed the view, as did I as I walked up to her when I got our drinks

  • I like the open blouse, it's easier to see and Seeing a nice chest is a wonderful thing.

  • Up skirt, no panties

  • I like the loose summer dress, no bra, no underwear and a view all the way down to thighs

  • No underwear, up skirt, all the way to her boobs ...

  • One summer my wife and I went to the park with her friend to have a meet up.We had a little picnic and a few drinks and as we were in a secluded spot managed to share a spliff.Her friend was so high and had the giggles that she didn't realize I could see right through the her low cut jeans shorts.She was laying on the grass legs up.I could see a nice shaven pussy,no knickers.Her vest allows me to see half her tits too.If my wife ever gave me permission I would definitely fuck that friend.

  • Upstart, hopefully while its a bit wet :)

  • Up her skirt, no underwear. There is nothing sexier.

  • Your kidding right.

  • Surely the seeing up her skirt would get you arrested?

  • It is so nice when spring comes, the warm weather allows for women to wear outfits that show some skin. I really like a good look at a woman's chest. Seeing nipples free, you can't beat it.

  • Bent over in her thing skerk cut across her cheekss thats fuckin hot

  • Love a nice down blouse shot. B cup tits are the perfect size too!

  • Well, both, but if I had to choose I love to see an open top and know bra, and I love b cups

  • Upskirt

  • I would rather see her husband's dick.

  • I’d love to see up her skirt :)

  • See in her top, a B Cup has so much more to show.

  • So much more than what? An A cup?

  • What?

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