My Belly Button

I have a belly button fetish. I love walking around and getting aroused by seeing women in crop tops and bikini tops revealing their belly buttons. I like to play with them too. I tickle them, sticking and electric toothbrush or glosser into it or onto it, depending on what kind of navel they have, and watch them scream and laugh out of control and beg for mercy. I like taking chocolate syrup and pouring it into their belly button, and then slurping it all out with my tongue. I like taking a needle and sticking it right down the center and pulling it out over and over and over again. I like to heat up lighters until the tips get hot and shove it right into my own belly button, twisting it around, burning my navel. I like others who smoke to put out their cigarettes in my belly button. I like to pour hot wax into my belly button and let it cool to make a mold. I like pouring hot liquids into my belly button, suck as coffee, honey, tea, and sauces of all kinds. I like to take whipped cream and shove the tip deep into girls belly buttons until it’s overflowing with cream, then I slurp it all up. I like taking my drill and drilling tiny holes into my belly button. I like it when people try to push things into my belly button until I get nauseous.

Jun 28
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