The Flashback

I have always been a naughty girl and done things that would probably make most people cringe. Like one time I was sixteen years old. Just started driving and I had a call from this guy I knew named Jeff. He told me that he just broke up with his girlfriend and asked me out. I figured ok and I went and picked him up. I was driving my dad's 76 Ford Pinto wagon. We drove to downtown Baltimore to Federal Hill and we got out and found a nice place. He brought along a bottle of wine and I was soon pretty smashed. Jeff and I were laying on the grass making out pretty heavily. People walking by told us to get a room. So after a while we got in the back of the Pinto and continued to kiss and fondle. But that's pretty much it. Nothing happened. I drove Jeff back home about 40 minutes away on the other side of town.

Not long after I got home his girlfriend Cindy was calling me and my mom answered the phone. I got on the phone and she was calling me all kinds of names and asked what the hell I was doing giving her boyfriend a blow job. I told her nothing happened at all. But she just called me a liar and continued giving me a piece of her mind. I said hold on I will be right over and we can discuss the whole thing. So I drove all the way back over to Jeff's house. Cindy was waiting and she began giving me the business about what I had done. I told her that I had done no such thing and Jeff was lying. Plus he called me and said you guys had broken up and he asked me out.

Then Cindy started arguing with Jeff and really giving him the business for telling me they had broken up. While I was standing there listening to them argue a flash back hit me. Jeff and I were in the back of the Pinto and his pants and underwear were pulled down around his feet. I was leaning across his bare legs and I had his penis in my hand and I distinctly remembered licking and having him in my mouth. OMG! I did it I gave him a blow job. I tried to remember more but I can't say if he ejaculated in my mouth or how it ended up. But The vision was in my mind. I had in fact sucked his cock. I finally told her I was sorry and for them to work it out and I drove all the way home. But I hadn't remembered doing it. But now it seemed bits and pieces were coming back to me. Of being in the back of the Pinto and making out with me undoing his belt and trousers and pulling them along with his underwear down. Of me brushing my long hair out of the way as I laid across his hairy legs and then start licking on his hard full erect penis. I could see him all seven inches as I licked up and down his long shaft. Of me popping his hole dick in my mouth and sucking for all I was worth like a pop sickle. It must have been the wine but I did it. OMG! I'm a cock hungry slut I thought.

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  • I'm not a man but you really have no way of knowing that do you. I might suck your cock but a little wine would help loosen me up a bit first. Then your pants might end up around your ankles like Jeff's. Just sayin

  • Trying to figure why stupid people do stupid things is just pointless. But you can come be naughty and suck my cock anytime you bad flashback girl or woman. Thing is you might be a man fucking with people.

  • Why the hell would he tell his gf he got head from you?

  • Jeff wanted to use me to make her jealous. That and she wasn't giving him what he wanted. I know it was dumb of him but he did it anyway. I on the other hand was not amused and that is the last time I did anything with him.

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