I love pressing my belly

It's probably weird but I love pressing my belly, it's an interesting way to have an intense orgasm. I've never done it with anyone but if I did I would want something heavy and sturdy like a book pressed into my belly right below the navel. I would also welcome having my navel prodded the deeper the better! I have never met anyone else with this fetish so I was wondering if anyone else does this?

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  • Navel play and prodding is common and fun. I do it to my hot older sister, and have for years. She has a deep, tanned, oval innie that's just perfect for licking, doing shots out of, and poking things into. I'll have her wear short crop tops or tie her shirts up to show off her flat, sexy tummy and navel, and can't help myself going after it. She loves it and has used it to get favors from me, like carrying boxes or helping her run errands. Will tell me I can have at her navel if I do this or that with her, and keeps her promise. I love getting it as red as her hot-red nails.

    It relaxes her, too. Got back to a hotel room after moving a friend's kid to college, and she was exhausted tired. Laid on the bed and her shirt rode up, helped a little by me flipping it up, and I was caressing her tummy and finger swirling her navel, causing her to sigh and really relax. She tilted her head to the side and rested her long-nailed fingers on my leg as I kept swirling and fingering her navel, and I could tell how much she was soaking it up. Used two fingers next, and had her deep sighing and telling me don't stop. It's now one of our things together, kind of like navel sex. I do love her tummy and deep, oval innie navel, and she knows it.

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