Sis takes care of me

When I was a teenager I would get acne on my back. Not real bad but bad enough. This may sound gross but my older sister liked to pop the pimples and blackheads. I would lay shirtless on her lap and she would work with a needle and tissue. Then I would turn over and she would look on my chest. Eventually she got into the habit of lightly tracing her fingers across my bare stomach while she looked for something to pop on my chest. She would actually run her fingers just inside of what ever pants I had on. One day I was laying while she worked on me and I was just wearing gym shorts. Her hand on my stomach made me a little hard and she slid her hand deeper into my shorts than she ever had. She asked me suddenly if I wanted her to look lower. I said yeah go ahead. She tugged at my shorts and I raised my hips and helped her pull them down. While she looked for something to work on her hand would lightly brush up against my cock. I got extremely hard. Neither one of us said a word. Finally she put her fingers around my cock and started stroking it. We never said a word but I was looking in her face and she was staring at my cock. Within a couple of minutes I couldn’t hold it anymore and shot several ropes of come across my belly. All she said to me was “that was hot.” We never spoke about it against

Jun 27
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I want to share my wife nudes pictures with my buddy’s.

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