I’m a female and I desperately want to be tied up standing up and blind folded and let a group of women have their way with me. Let them finger me, lick me, play with my nipples, lick my ass, stuck things inside me, whatever they want. But just women.

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  • When we were younger my husband would tie my hands behind my back and blindfold me. Then he and a friend or two of his would be all over me. I have never found other women sexually attractive , but I love to read your fantasy. Toni z

  • My wife also shares this fantasy of being blindfolded and tied naked to the bed, she admits that she would like to try a threesome in this way, but knows that I would find this too difficult to handle, so we compromise. We have an array of sex toys which I use on her as I describe a group sex scenario that is about to happen to her. This is usually enough to make her cum multiple times and with an intensity we don’t usually experience through our normal love making.

  • But there's still the thrill of being helpless while some one uses your body for pleasure. That feeling is amazing. Toni z

  • Is there a way we can chat Toni , I would love to hear more about your past.

  • Leave your email address or something like that.

  • is my secret email address. I'm looking forward to chatting with you. Toni z

  • Oh that's hot do you still play

  • Yes I do when I have a chance. Toni z

  • You never said how old you are hun...

  • You would be far better with a big hard cock up your wet tight cunt .

  • I too would love to be used as a sex toy by a group of women.

  • This is one of my biggest fantasies. I want to be blind folded though, but definitely just women, (who will be gentle) and preferably ones I don’t know. I’m in the ATL ‘burbs

  • Where do you live ?? My friends and I will be glad to help😘

  • That sounds very hot.

  • You should definitely make it happen, you will not regret the feeling of it one bit.

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