My Father Took the Virginity of Two Girls in My Class

I'm an Iranian guy who lives in Norway. Recently I was visited by two girls in my class. One of them a blonde, the other a redhead. Very beautiful girls. They're my friends, but I've only ever had a platonic relationship with them. My father however, started flirting wildly with them. He's made up of other stuff than me. A former elite soldier, very masculine, and apparantly very attractive for women. He asked them straight up if they wanted to have sex with him. The girls were virgins, but told him yes. So, while I watched he made them lean over the table in the living room, pushed their naked butts together, and took them from behind. I didn't know what to do with myself. It was a struggle to get it in at first, but then they were having a full intercourse. At least he was gentle. He alternated between the girls and stopped several times to ask them if they were okay. They were at it for like half an hour, he came in each girl, and I couldn't help to mastrubate while it was going on. While the girls were resting and breathing heavily over the table, he told me to get the olive oil in the fridge. I kind of realized what he had in mind. He told them what he would do, lubed them up and performed an anal intercourse with them. He climaxed once in each of their assholes, smacked them and told them to get up. I couldn't hide my penis in time, so they realized what I'd be doing. He was soo happy and proud, and the girls very embarrassed. I had to walk them home, and the girls were clearly bow legged. They didn't talk about it and pretended as if nothing had happened on the way.

Jun 27
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