Girls school

The nuns in our school used to make us stand in line naked for showers. I remember even when we were all girls, I still felt embarrassed about standing in a hallway totally exposed. I almost melted away with shame when father Bernard showed up for his regular rounds. I remember the nuns did nothing because he was the head master of the school. I remember he used to walk up the hallway pretending he was just doing his job, but I knew it was just an excuse to see us nude. I remember he would slow down for on older girls because they had the biggest breasts. Most girls view him as pervert and even had one of them set to his office because her toe nails were painted pink and made her take it off to see her pussy. It was the talk of every girl in school that he actually made her whip her toes sitting a chair with her legs wide open looking at her wide open pussy and even stories about him fingering her. True or not it it was the sexiest made up story some of wishing it would happen to them.

15 days

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