Any Suggestions?

My boyfriend and I lost our virginity to each other a few months ago. He's well endowed, around 8 inches.
Neither of us came out first time. We advanced pretty quickly, the same day we lost our virginity we showered together . He bent me over, his hands on his back and rubbed lube all over my ass before fucking me.
More recently we decided to try more foreplay, so almost every time before we have sex I suck him off. It usually starts with my kissing down his chest to the tip of his cock, while rubbing his balls I suck on it gently running my tongue over the slit. I lick him like a Popsicle using my tongue to tease the biggest veins in his cock. I hold him loosely and barely touch him while I suck on his balls, then I quit teasing as much and get to really sucking him off. He likes it when I let my teeth very gently scrape the length of his dick.
The thing is, after I suck him off me fucks me, but only lasts around two minutes. In which case he pulls out and cums on my chest. But he usually stays hard after so he'll fuck me again for the same amount of time.
I don't think at any time during our three year relationship he has ever made me cum. I'm just not satisfied sexually, it's almost like I can't feel him inside me or it makes little difference. He's tried to eat me out before and finger me but i can't really feel it I get nothing from it. (I've never fingered myself because I get no enjoyment out of it. I usually maturbate by grinding against my bed while watching porn) I get very aroused and turned of easily but it's hard for me to get any release. The most turned on I've been is when he chokes me during sex or spanks me... That turns me know more than him fucking me. I don't know if it's something wrong with me or him. But I would love tips on how to improve my sex life and hopefully get me to finish at least once.

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  • Try introducing one of these to you sex play

  • Nothing is wrong with you.

    I have the same "issue", I am going to guess your method of masturbating since you were younger was to grind against the bed, and that is how you make yourself cum. You have inadvertently trained your body to cum from this amount of pressure and type of stimulation. You can retrain your body by denying yourself orgasm until it occurs from another method... or simply add that type of activity to your routine... lay on your stomach and grind your cock while your bf fucks you, for example.

    I like to also lay between my partner's legs, sucking him off while I rub my cock on the bed, and cum with him that way.

    Try rubbing the bed until you are really close to shooting, then see if you can finish another way. Try not to get frustrated, sex should also be fun!

  • Do this but change it to your girl parts

  • But I'm a female :(

  • Pour little girl too many things going on for just starting off, nice story though.... sounds like bullshit to me

  • Try fisting

  • I can make you cum. Amasterdaddy at yahoo

  • Thanks but I'm happy with my boyfriend. I just want to make the sex more enjoyable

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