Tasting myself

I am dating this woman for a while now. We have made love many times. When she orgasms, it’s so intense I can’t touch her and sometimes she falls asleep almost instantly. Anyway, after making love and cumming in her, she drifted off. I was still horny and I found myself kissing her body as she slept. Her legs parted as I touched her and I just kissed my way down to her pussy. I was playing with and eating her clit and noticed my cum dripping out of her. I decided to lick it up. The more I licked, the more came out. After a few minutes I just made a whole meal out of her. It was then that I heard her moaning and whispering to me. OMG babe, didn’t you just cum in there? I looked up with her juices and mine all over my face and said, yes I did. Then continued. Her body was uncontrollable after that. She was so turned on she orgasmed another 2 times. I wouldn’t let go of her and she curled her legs around my head. I was so aroused I made love to her again filling her with another load of cum. This time she pushed me back down to her pussy and held my head there begging me to eat her again. Of course I obliged and afterward she went down on me for almost 2 hours. She actually fell asleep with my cock in her mouth. In the morning we woke up in that position and she started again. She said she never felt so relaxed after sex.

13 days

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