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I have always wonder why women are hesitant when there husband's ask them to be a hotwife. I have read in here and my personal experience is "don't you love me".
Well I do and I want you to have a full and stimulating life, which should include you being sexualy satisfied. This is because while you say everything is just do honkey dory, when is the last time I didn't have to ask you for sex, when is the last time I didn't have to beg you to suck my dick, when is the last time you made me feel that you actually enjoyed sex instead of just getting it over and done with.
Just maybe after you done fucking a stranger and giving up you pussy like you've never done before, then just maybe you'll be a bit more appreciative of a man that loves you so much he's willing to let you roam.9

14 days

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    • It took me a couple years to convince my wife that if I didn't love her I would not do something that seemed risky. Once she saw that I loved to watch her enjoy herself with another man because of his bigger dick or something she would most of the time let me watch her getting fucked really good. She knew I liked it.

    • I thought that my husband didn't love me because he wanted me to be with other men but I was wrong once I started having sex with other men my husband showed me more attention and he was more loving towards me and I think that having an open marriage saved our marriage he didn't want to be with other women he just wanted me to be satisfied sexuality I love him for that.

    • Get her drunk more often!
      Watch movies with her favorite hunk in them!
      Ask her to tell you how many guys she saw this week that look like they'd be nice to fuck!
      Spend more time down between her legs....making her crazy. Don't stop even when she begs you to "put it in me!" Make her cum with your mouth!
      Lick her butt.
      Unfocus on your wants - make HER utterly horny.... then satisfied!

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