What is the sluttiest thing you have ever done?

The sluttiest thing I have ever done is, I gave 3 different guys blowjobs on the same day.

The first one was a FWB in the morning. The second one was a coworker in the afternoon. The third one was a date I had that night.

I know, purity slutty . . .

10 months ago

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    • I fucked just about every friend I ever had's boyfriends, for some reason when they would meet a guy it was like a challenge for me to seduce them.
      I got caught a few times, got in a few fights, but that never stopped me doing it.
      I still do, so far I have had every husband on our block, except for Henry who is 70, and I am thinking of taking him on also.

    • I had sex with a coworker at the men's bathroom. Listening to other men coming and going, chitchatting, while I was riding a cock in the cubicle right next to them felt incredibly slutty. Sneaking out while I could feel his cum inside me was scary and incredibly exhilarating.

    • The sluttiest Thing I ever did was, one night I got a call from a girl I had met a few weeks earlier She asked me if I wanted to come over and spend some with her. I said "yes". She hung up and I started to get ready to go see her. But then the phone rang again and it was a sissy friend of mine I knew. "She" asked me if I wanted to come over and see "her". Again I said "Yes" I called the real girl back and told her something came up and went to see my sissy friend. Why?? I knew I was going to get some good "pussy" from my sissy friend and I was going to get fucked real good too. If I had went to see the real girl we probably would have ended up doing nothing. We had never fucked up until that point, and we never did. My sissy friend?? Well we fucked all the time. She gave me the best sex ever.

    • I'd say there are 3 things competing for #1:
      1- Hooked up with a guy 20 years older than me when I was 15, losing my anal virginity with him the first day we met.
      2- Gave a guy a blowjob in front of his roommates. I really liked him and wanted to make him look cool in front of his mates.
      3- Fucked my director a couple of times for extra perks

    • My best friends wife sucked my cock while he was out mowing the lawn!

    • Me and my friends went to the county fair. We were looking to meet news guys and spice up our sex life. We hooked up with three guys and went back to there car and we all got high. No fool blown sex happen in the car just blow jobs. We went back to the fair went a couple rides and what not. The guy that I was with wanted some pussy. So we ended up behind the cotton candy booth me naked and him with his zipper open just hanging his cock out. The rest of the group stood by so that know one could see what was happing. Little did I know that a rather large group had gathered and could see us fucking. When he came in me the crowd cheered. That was hot.

    • Fucking black guys for my husband. He loves to watch, he sets it up and I do what ever he wants with how ever he wants.

    • Good question ! I've done a lot of slutty, sleazy, and even skeevy things over the years. "Skeevy" being sleazy with more of a creep factor. If I had to categorize them, it would go like this
      1. The sluttiest : Getting a motel room, having sex with a young man, then, having sex with his older sister two hours later. Neither knew of the other.
      2. The sleaziest : Having sex with a crack whore, in a porno booth, while watching watersports loops.
      3. The skeeviest : All my years of being an unrepentant, and extremely lucky, peeping tom.
      Not exactly a source of pride, and, truthfully, these could be in the top five contenders in each category.

    • After my son passed away from an auto accident, his friends came over to check on me, helped around the house. I was divorced and my 2 girls were in college. So one evening I hooked up with one of them after a few glasses of wine, then a short time later threesome, then orgies with all 3 boys that came by. Wasn’t my thing I prefer the one on one. The boys all had separate days to have me. I even took weekend trips alone with them. All three had a different style

    • I fucked my friend's husband. We were friends in school and always wanted to get together but the timing was never right. One year when they were in visiting we slipped away and fucked in the bathroom. We meet up almost every year around the holidays. It's my favorite time of the year.

    • I know this isn't the same but I feel like sharing. Years ago I lived in a building and this neighbor guy was really hot. We would flirt in the hall a little but as it turned out he was dating a girl that I was friends with I worked, small world. At the beginning of our relationship her and I where out having drinks and girl talk when she told me he had the nicest cock she had ever seen. In my head I was like, great the cute guy from my building that I was flirting with before I knew you two where dating, now has a really nice dick in my mind - thanks. A few years went by, they got married, we all bought homes, and we had all become really good friends. I mean, we saw each other all the time, I drove them to the hospital when they were having a kid, we all know each others parents . . . Those kinds of friends. They were married for 10 years and she decided she wanted to get divorced and run off with some guy that was 15 years older than her. I still don't understand why. After she dropped that bombshell on her man he was upset! and for good reason. A week or two had gone by and wen I saw him he looked so out of sorts. I invited him over, offered to make hime food, and talk it out with him. He accepted, he came over, we had drinks, ate, talked, and had more drinks. Hours (5,6,7 IDK) had gone when I "jokingly" said 'so does this mean you are back on the market?' He laughed and said "no there is no way I'm about to start dating". I said; "I didn't mean for dating. Ya know, 13 years ago someone told me you have a really nice dick and I've been thinking about it ever sense." Then- The hottest sex ever! In my mind it felt like I was fucking my best friends husband (even thought da-bitch running out on him) It felt taboo like forbidden fruit. Plus this is a man I have been close to and cared about for a long time. Plus he had a lot of pent up energy (anger) he needed to work out. It was ruff sex, I got plowed good, it was SO so hot, and I was sore for days.

    • The sluttiest thing I have ever done was when my husband was mowing the lawn. I let his friends do me doggy style while looking out the window at him.

    • Mine's very similar. I received/gave oral in a "phone" room at this place I used to work with. Went to lunch with a cubical friend and fucked her in the parking ramp. Then went out on a date with another cubical friend that night and fucked her. This was a triangle that ended poorly on my behalf. HAHA. All three chicks sat within 5 feet from each other and eventually they chatted about "the guy" they were fucking.. And it was me. Man.. What a time in my life! Ha!

    • Wife's confession before going back to her Hick Town 20th HS class reunion.
      I was a cheerleader. After a game my quarterback boyfriend and I went for a walk by the stream. In no time he had me naked. It was hot night, let's screw by the water falls. We did. We go back to where my uniform is and it's gone. I sneak in the house naked. Someone from our rival school took it and my name's embroidered on it. They're going to roast me at the reunion.

    • For me it is 5 cocks in one day, on 3 separate occasions (so far). I have a lot of regular buddies I give NSA head to.

    • I can provide the cock...

    • Very slutty, I like your style! My record is also blowing three guys in one day, all strangers I met on holiday.

    • Oh, strangers on holiday - that's fun.

    • There's something about sucking a random cock that turns me on more than it should

    • I completely agree. I get really turns on when I suck a cock I know I'm not supposed to to be sucking.

    • Mmm you sound like a lot of fun to be around.

    • You're hot as fuck! Love your stories. You ever want a random cock from the internet to pound that pussy for you, you just give me a holler, honey.

    • Where you from?

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