I have never done this but my girlfriend wants us to suck each others toes before sex, has anybody done this does it stimulate

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  • Love it , I do it too my wife all the time

  • Not a foot guy, but can appreciated soft-looking, polished-nailed toes on a woman. I have a thing/fetish for long, polished nails, and if a woman also does her toes and they look good...Might take a few tastes..

  • To each their own I guess. This does nothing for my wife or me either one.

  • I love looking at pretty feet. My girl lets me suck and lick on her fat little toes, it makes her crazy with pleasure.

  • Thanks every body for your comments

  • OH yuk, how do you go when you get a gob full of toejam sounds disgusting

  • I love my toes being sucked! My husband has a foot fetish and he thinks I have beautiful feet so he adores sucking and licking my toes and he gives the best foot massages! OMG it sends chills up and down my spine and I get wet and horny just thinking about it.

  • Can we talk about it please

  • Drives my wife crazy when I suck and lick her toes. When I finish and get up to her vagina it is wet and ready to be licked.

  • That is so right man my wife is the same and she wabt that every time abd sometimes in public

  • Better get her to suck your prick .

  • Shrimping. I love it. Do it. Totally normal.

  • My wife loves having her toes sucked, drives her up the wall! It brings her to orgasm. My toes are ugly so I don't want her to suck 'em.

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