R rated Twister game playing

Three couples were at a party one evening.
The hostess got out a Twister game thing and spread it on the living room carpet.
We'd all been drinking a good bit....
My wife was wearing a pretty short skirt, and one of her "I've got teats" low-cut tops with her push-up bra.....without knowing this game was going to be played! Her outfit would have been fine for a evening of seated conversation, but....
She managed to beg off the first two games - then the other two wives laughed and said "we want to see Kathie up here playing!" (....."wearing that outfit!")
As you can imagine the game became pretty sex scented with my wife having to hike her skirt often, bend over suggestively for frequent down-blouses. Her red panties were being displayed, men's heads and faces were very near her inner thighs repeatedly, it was all she could do to keep her nipples in that bra in some positions!

The topper was - the host of the party brought out his camera and made no apologies for moving about the girls - mostly my wife - and taking many photos up her skirt and down her top! Sometimes he was laying on the floor to get the best up-skirt shot of my wife's red bikini panties in her crotch!
My wife?
She thought he was being "silly"....then she I saw her starting to get off on all the males checking her body out.
She watchied him boldly filming her crotch and teats...and I think she liked that all her attention from the men was thoroughly pissing off the wives!
It turned out to be a pretty sexy evening!
I was jealous and fucked her hard when we got home - but not until I fingered her a lot while leaning against our car in the driveway of their house. She spread her legs sweetly for me, leaned back against our car and said, "does it bother you knowing that he now has all those sexy photos of me in his camera!?"
"Yes it does - you little cunt - and you know he's going to beat-off his meat to them many, many times.!"
"Really? Oh my...you think so!!?" she said... and then grunted when that remark caused me to add a 3rd finger into her cunt!

20 days

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    • I had a girlfriend years ago that was sweet and innocent until she partied. I know there are lots of pictures in other men’s iPhone of her tits and ass. When we got home, she was wild in bed as we talked about how excited she got from all the male attention. The next morning she was back to sweet and innocent.

    • Wives can be the sexiest things on the planet, when they want to be!
      I love to watch my flirty wife in action - it makes me horny as hell - and it revs her up as well....knowing that she's causing boners on the dance floor!

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