Kate's Revenge: I Deserved It

I met Kate, online, in the early '90s, the dawn of the internet. She, too, was a late bloomer- a virgin of 23. I was 29 and had only a few lovers before her. We met up, hooked up and eloped (got married in secret) all in less than 12 weeks. Sex was, OK, but it was steady. Her inexperienced teacher, me, couldn't teach her much. Regarding "oral", I told her to treat my penis like the most delicious ice cream sundae she'd ever had. Lick slowly, but deliberately. Nibble, but never bite. She was fantastic! The ease of how we hooked up using this "futuristic" technology meant that it was just as easy to meet others--and I did. That same technology, also, made it easy for her to waste money on stupid things we didn't need.

My wallet couldn't keep up with her spending and her heart couldn't keep up with my straying. We divorced. There were no kids-- so no real problem.

I was a shit to her during the marriage. Arrogantly, I'd lecture her on financial responsibility while ignoring my infidelity. Also, I'd been a selfish lover-- rolling over after blowing a quick nut without saying, "Good night."

As months past (afterthe divorce), we had to work together to pay off huge debt. This meant spending evening together.
I'd apologize, occasionally, for my past ways. This usually lead to a hug, then a hard on--and -well--you get the idea.

Sex with your ex can be awesome. What I loved most were blow jobs. At first, she was resistant, but I'd learned a bit about not being selfish. I learned to hold her gently and lovingly (before AND after sex). I would go down on her, licking her woman
parts until she was ready for more. I can't say this happened often, but the few times it did were great. Based on some of the things she did to me--- (or wanted from me), I suspected she had a boyfriend that was teaching her things. A tinge of jealousy would spring up, but quickly pass. We were divorced and leading separate lives. Though rare, I was still hooking up with internet girls.

Around 18 months after the divorce, we got together one last time to send the final payment to the collector. She said she wanted this to be a night to remember.

When I got to her apartment, she was wearing a tiny black skirt and white blouse with no bra--- like a soft-core dominatrix-- completely out of character for her. We sat at the computer, logged into our banks and made the final transfer.

"Take off your clothes," she said quietly.

I looked at here, questioningly.

Louder, she said, "Take off your clothes, now!" Then she winked.

In the one time I'd been sexually dominated , the reality wasn't as good as the fantasy. The Dom was a bit rough, using language that succeeded in turning me off. This was different. I, not only, trusted Kate to not be too aggressive, there was an element of justice and Karma. I'd been a selfish, bossy, dick of a husband. This one time, she was in control.

Kate started yanking my pants.

"Get these pants off!"
I got them down to my ankles, and started to unbutton my shirt. Kate, quickly, pulled down my briefs. I stumbled out of the rest of my clothes and stood there, naked. My dick pulsed a bit.

With a small, soft, rope she tied my hands together in front of me. She lead me to her king-sized bed and pushed me down. Then she tied my ankles together with the same type of rope. As I laid there, bound, she stared at me and smiled. I was helpless--and loving it. My pulsing cock was proof. She positioned me so that I was laying flat on one side of the bed.

Hovering over me, she bent down, placing her covered (with a blouse) but braless 36D breasts on my chest. She rubbed me up and down.

*if you've read my other posts, you'd know that I ooze a LOT of pre-cum.

She rubbed her breasts over my cock. The pre-cum wetting the blouse allowed me to see the redness of her giant aeriolla and nipples. She rubbed and teased me from head to toe. She, she then strattled me, slid down her panties and lowered her pushy to within a millimeter of my cock. I strained to push it up to her, but she moved each time. I wanted this so bad! Even a touch of her pubic hair on my cock would feel good, but she moved, just enough. The teasing was good, but I was ready for her to ride me. Then, in an instant she stopped. Someone came in the room. Torture. My heart, cock, balls and brain had no idea what was going on.

Her boyfriend, Ed, was older than me and out of shape. He was in on Kate's plan, but did not seem too enthusiastic. He entered the room naked, but limp. Kate started licking his cock. I was so jealous. He got hard-- sort of.

Kate laid on her back next to me. She was still dressed except for panties. Her skirt brushed my thigh as she spread wide for Ed. I felt like dying. He mounted her and thrust deep (well, as deep as he could-- thankfully, he was a bit smaller than me). Kate moaned--- her satisfaction was as much from seeing my torture as it was from Ed's dick. Kate's left leg would rub over my dick on every thrust. I'm sure it was intentional. My confused cock stayed hard. Inside I was dying-- hurt and jealous, I actually started to sob.

With one last thrust, Ed grunted and sent semen deep inside my ex wife. After he pulled out, she sent Ed to shower. She then pivoted, legs still spread wide, so I could see her pussy. A moment later she slid her panties on. The crotch of her panties quickly moistened as Ed's ejaculate oozed out.

I tried to twist my body so my ,still, very erect cock could make contact--any contact with any part of her. I thought it was now "my turn" and she'd give me a desperately needed orgasm. But she pulled away.

"Are you serious?," She said.

She untied me. Tears poured down my cheeks. There was a flash of light. She'd taking a photo of me. She showed it to me.

"See this? I'll have it framed. It will, forever, cheer me up if I feel bad."

The photo, my hard cock and my defeated, tear-filled face, head down. She threw my clothes into the courtyard and pushed me out the door.

She shouted, "I never have to see your cheating ass again. Don't ever contact me!" It got the attention of some of the residents. Embarrassed, I quickly and tearfully, got dressed, ran to my car. As requested, I never saw her again.

This was painful to write, but Kate deserved the vengeful satisfaction. Also, I never again ever cheated on a partner.

Be well Kate, wherever you are.

Best, Ray

22 days

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