Leaving my husband

I told the story about my first orgasm at 38. So here's what happen after that. I kelp going to my neighbor friends house every day and he really tore up my pussy and he got it so stretched out my husband's 4 inch cock didn't even know if it was in my pussy and then I day I just got home from getting fucked by my neighbor friend and he cum so much deep in my pussy my husband told me to get naked and for the first time he started eating my pussy that was full of cum and he started eating then stopped and he said that my pussy was so tore and said he knew that I'd been getting fucked by a guy with a huge cock and I just told him yes I have been getting fucked for 2 years by my neighbor friend and he said he wanted a divorce and I agreed so I moved in with my neighbor friend and he lets his friends fuck me and they all have monster cocks and I just lay back and enjoy the fucking and I've been living with him going on 4 years. I have to say one thing to all the ladies that's never fucked a guy with a huge 9 inch cock you don't know what your missing. . One of the best nights was 7 guys including my neighbor friend fuck me for 16 hours and I couldn't even walk for a while after that but I had so many orgasms and every one of them cum in my pussy. I'm finally living a wonderful life.

11 days

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    • Your what we call a cumdumpster. Judt a matter of time till your out on the streets hooking it.

    • Then you’ll have competition.

    • Cumdumpster and love it

    • I have been fucked by 17 guys one night and most of them were well endowed 7 plus it was at my husbands hunting camp I took my husband to drop him off and the car wouldn’t start so my husband said for me to stay the night and or son is a mechanic and can come in the morning I was the only wife their because it was a guys only weekend we all were drinking and one thing lead to another and next think my husband had me naked on a cot and he was fucking me while all the other guys started undressing and stroking their big dicks my husband pulled out of my pussy and made me start sucking his dick and told his friend Paul to fuck me and damn did he do just that he was at least 9 to 10 inch’s and beer can girth of course he was a bbc they all took turns cumming in my pussy mouth and asshole all night I was so damn sore the next morning but needless to say I stayed alll weekend

    • Only 17??? Lol

    • It feels like you were in a car wreck the next morning sore all over

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