Letting A Bi Sexual Lesbian Live With Me

I was on the way to the stores when a woman tapped on my car window while I was stopped at an intersection. She asked if she could tag along a bit as she leaned into the opened window and I saw her cleavage. Me being a filthy minded seventy year old single male enjoy the cleavage view. She asked me my age and said, "You don't look that old." I allowed her to get in the car to tag along. I asked her age, she told me she's fifty-three. I parked at the thrift store and she asked if I object if went inside with me. Inside she picked out a sexy pair of shoes and a sexy piece of clothing. At the cash register she asked if I can pay for the items because she was broke. Me having an open heart paid for her items. She opened her top a bit in the car revealing her breasts that she has and told me her nipples was big kind of, don't I think, as she held her breast to me to me letting me to suck it as she touched my privates.
I learned she was homeless and could use a shower. While I let her shower at my place we got talking about sex and when was the last time I had some and what I was into. She confessed to me that she did incest with her dad when she was in her teens. She dried off standing nude in front me letting me see her naked body and playing with her nipples while I gotten a rise. She flopped on the bed opened her legs showing her hairy cunt and began playing with her clit. " Eat me! since your former wife would let you eat her." " Your seventeen years younger than me! " I said. " Pretend you're pleasing the daughter that you never had and let me relive my youth, Daddy! "
She and I spent hours being together getting to know each other and learned she enjoys doing lesbian. She told me if I let her move in that she knows a teen that enjoys making out with her, kissing heavily and sucking her nipples hard and wild and I would enjoy the action.
I let her move in and she decided to excite me with the outfits I bought her at the thrift store and at the adult store. The lesbian teen took pictures of the live in sitting over my face and grinding hard until I shot off my dick.

29 days


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    • “Bi Sexual Lesbian”

      Quite the retarded phrase.

    • Lucky man

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