Unconventional marriage

I'm a bisexual female, 31 years old, 2 years into my marriage. My husband is actually slightly younger, at little less than 28 years old. We started dating 4 years ago. We love each other deeply, and from the beginning we've had a very hot relationship. Both of us take pride in being very open-minded, but what really keeps the spark alive is that our relationship is... unconventional. Forbidden, even sick for the traditional eye.
We're both into having multiple sexual partners, if we feel like it. Doesn't happen very often, but we've always been open to it, and we're allowed as long as we let the other know. So when we were just a few months into our relationship, it wasn't shocking to me when he told me there was another girl in his life, who he also loved as much as he loved me. What shocked me, at first, was learning who it was.
He confessed to being in an incestuous relationship with his younger sister. Obviously I was left speechless at first, but he remined me of a belief we shared (and part of the reason we loved each other): the world is full of hatred, and love, no matter it's form or between whom it happens, must be cherished. Love is love, in short, and he and his sister had been in love since they were little.
Not only did I accept that... I discovered I was turned on by his revelation. You see, despite being an only child and having a somewhat estranged with my father, I'd had fantasies about incest before. I haven't told anyone, but sometimes I fucked guys or girls and imagined they were my siblings, and that really got me off. In the past, I also looked at incest roleplay porn. I found it really appealing.
So I accepted him, and agreed to meet his family (I hadn't by then). Except something I didn't expect happened: I met this 21-year-old angel and I was very, very drawn to her... and she was to me, too. Long story short, we avoided the whole issue for months, but there came a point when we couldn't deny it anymore... but decided to talk about it first. We agreed that we woudn't even think of it if our mutual partner didn't think it was right.
Which he was. As of that moment, I had two sexual partners in a couple of siblings... which turned me on hard. And you might guess where this ended up going. Sooner rather than later, the three of us were in bed together.
Since then, we've been sexual partners almost exclusively with each other. I fell in love with her, as well. We've never told anyone, and nobody knows about us, but we knew how we felt about each other. So, while in the eyes of the public it was a marriage proposal from my husband, behind the scenes it was the two of them asking me to marry them.
Of course there's the question of apperanaces. She doesn't live with us, but she sure does spend a lot of time in our appartments, or catching up with us during trips, in secret. It's definitely not your conventional marriage (and sure, you might call us deranged), but we're happy and fulfilled. nothing's wrong with that.

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  • I am 23 and my brother 19 have been living together as husband and wife for the past two years, no one knows and we'll never get divorced .

  • If all parties involved are comfortable and freely acceptable of the arrangement, I personally don't see anything wrong with the relationship you have. I don't see what is so horrible about a family showing their love for each other in any and every possible way as long as everyone involved feel the same way. Enjoy yourself, you're involved in a very special relationship very few get to experience.

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  • My siblings live as man and wife, I'm the only family that accepts them. Love, in any form, is beautiful.

  • I love your guys open non judgment lifestyle. What a great arrangement has come to be out of honesty with each other.

  • Strange, but sounds like a relatively healthy arrangement. Just don't let them procreate.

  • Typical inbreeding coefficient percentages are as follows, assuming no previous inbreeding between any parents:

    Father/daughter, mother/son or brother/sister → 25%
    Grandfather/granddaughter or grandmother/grandson → 12.5%
    Half-brother/half-sister → 12.5%
    Uncle/niece or aunt/nephew → 12.5%
    Great-grandfather/great-granddaughter or great-grandmother/great-grandson → 6.25%
    Half-uncle/niece or half-aunt/nephew → 6.25%
    First cousins → 6.25%
    First cousins once removed or half-first cousins → 3.125%
    Second cousins or first cousins twice removed → 1.5625%
    Second cousins once removed or half-second cousins → 0.78125%
    Third cousins or second cousins twice removed → 0.390625 %
    Third cousins once removed or half-third cousins → 0.195 %

    thats not so bad....

  • I knew someone who did tons of oxy while pregnant, this must be better

  • Cheetahs are infamous for their lack of genetic diversity, meaning that they are all closely related to each other. The consequences of this condition have been heavily debated, but the cause at least seems to be known. Cheetahs experienced a population bottleneck, meaning that their total breeding population dropped dramatically, possibly as low as 500 cats. Climate changes are the most widely accepted cause of the bottleneck, which occurred near the end of the last ice age over 10,000 years ago. Cheetahs were not the only victims and were actually quite fortunate. Many animal species from the same period went extinct in a relatively short time span.

    Despite this near disaster, cheetahs recovered and even thrived.

  • That is a terrific setup Honey, you are ever so lucky, take things easy and ensure there is no jealousy

  • It's definitely weird but if it works for you. 👍🏾

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