Wow that was certainly a surprise

After living overseas for the past 20 years we have moved back to the rural village that we grew up in. I got back first and was tasked to find a house. It was the third house that the agent showed me, it looked very familiar and then it hit me. It was the home of one of my class mates and it was the setting of my first three some.
Wasn’t so much of a wild sex romp, not to say that it wasn’t a great time, but more like My classmate “M” and I had some pretty intense and passionate sex and while he was in the shower his brother “S” came home, wander in the bedroom and I did him too.
I was a senior in HS, my husband had proposed and we were going to get married after I graduated. He was joining the service but went in earlier that he first wanted as I thought that I was pregnant. Well I miscarried and that was a relief. So back to being a carefree teenager, we were spending a wonderful day at the swimming hole. M was flirting with me, you know the accidently rubbing against me and I reciprocated by accidently touching his cock and letting my hand linger, looking into his eyes.
Well at the end of the day he offered me a ride home, his house was just a 15 minute walk away. When we got there everyone was gone, and somehow we ended up in his bedroom and our wet trunks came off and we had sex, it didn’t last long as he came in a couple of minutes, but we continued in afterplay, and talked and shared a lot of our thoughts about each other and then he made love to me and that lasted quite a while, I came twice before he finally did when he came, my orgasm was so intense, that I wrapped my arms and legs around him as I felt like I wanted to pull him inside of me.
I kept him in me until he was completely flaccid, I was so satisfied.
M get up to take a shower and I’m lying in his bed and in walks his brother S. He stared at my body, sweaty, sex juice, at first I was a bit embarrassed but then I got excited and more than a little turned on. He went in and talked to his brother, I only heard “well go ahead and ask her”
He had the sheepish look on his face and by the boner in his pants I knew what he wanted. So M is handsome, but S is a year younger, has those boyish good looks and nature blessed them both in the package department S was bigger. It was just how erotic the afternoon had gone, I just smiled and said come on. He almost ripped off his clothes, and it was clear to me with his fumbling that it was his first time. He didn’t last very long and like his brother he wanted to go again, but I needed to get home so I took a shower with him and gave him a blowjob.
So the kicker was I missed my period and lucky I hadn’t told hubby about the miscarriage as I wanted to surprise him with that news. So here I sit, I have changed that bedroom into a sewing/reading room I found a cute fainting couch, every so often I get out my toy and relive that crazy afternoon some 40 years ago. Of course I have my secrets, but then who hasn’t.

29 days

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