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I stay at in a university dorm and the RA’s (residential advisors) are really strict. Last weekend, it was really late and I was in my dorm alone because my roommate had gone home for the weekend. It was about 2:30 in the morning. I was up just watching YouTube on my phone when someone banged on my door. I looked through the peep hole to see my friend’s, let’s call her K, boyfriend. We are all in the same circle and they are the only couple. I opened the door and I could smell the alcohol on him. He told me that he lost his keys while he was out, he had had a couple of drinks, and he didn’t know where else to go because he didn’t want to get caught by an RA, being that he smelled like alcohol and is underage. I am the only one in our friend group that lives in the same building with him. He asked if he could spend the night in my room and just get in his room the next day. I hesitated but I didn’t want him to get in trouble so I agreed. I closed the door behind him and when I turned around, he was already in my bed! I had intended for him to sleep on the floor (my roommate doesn’t like other people in her bed), and when I said something to him he just brushed it off and said “the floor is hard. Just climb in, we can both fit”. The bed is a twin extra long and you can’t sleep with another person without being pressed completely against each other. I debated for a minute but I didn’t want to sleep on the floor so I just got into bed with him. I had on some loose cotton pajama shorts and a thin t shirt. I asked him if he wanted a big t shirt to wear to bed but he declined and said he just wanted to sleep in his boxers. He pulled his shirt and pants off and I just laid there, stiff and uncomfortable. I tried not to stare at him too hard but he is really sexy. He was a beautiful toned body with an olive (almost golden) complexion, green eyes, and dirty blonde hair. I always thought he was attractive, but never did anything about it because he dated K. I turned off my lamp and we laid there in the dark for a while before I felt him slide his hand onto my stomach. I figured he was just asleep. I turned to try and see if his eyes were closed but before my eyes could adjust he kissed me. I was more shocked about the fact that I kissed him back. The kiss was deep and his lips felt perfect. He leaned slightly more into me and I felt his hand slide down to my shorts, making their way under them. I spread my legs slightly and his finger found my clit. He began rubbing intensely and we continued to make out. My breathing was getting deep, I had wrapped my arms around him and rolled my hips slightly. It wasn’t long before I was moaning against his lips and my legs began to shake. He didn’t stop. I had never had a guy do that before. I tried to wiggle away but he pinned me down and kept fingering me. I was screaming in pleasure. My clit was so sensitive after I came and he continued. My reflexes got the best of me and I managed to squirm away from him. He grabbed me, pulled me back to the middle of the bed, and pulled my shorts off. He slid his boxers down and quickly inserted himself into me. He slipped in easily because I was already so wet. We kissed as he rammed his big cock into me. He was by far the largest I have ever taken and it felt amazing. I loved the feeling of his balls slapping the bottom of my ass. He fucked me rough but kissed me so sensually. He pulled back and aggressively flipped me over. He grabbed my hips and rammed himself into me again. I had never had a guy hit my g spot before, and I’m glad I got to experience it because it was a different kind of orgasm. My whole body was shaking. I fell flat onto the bed and he laid on top of me, still fucking me from behind. He pulled my hair and kissed my neck. It wasn’t much longer before he groaned and I felt him cum inside of me. His penis pulsed in me for a little bit and he pulled out. I flipped back over and he flopped on the bed next to me. We kissed again and he muttered “God, Ive wanted to do that for a long time”. We went to sleep and the next day, things just went back to normal. It’s been about a week now. He is still with his girlfriend but he flirts with me and says I should let him know when my roommate is gone again. I feel kind of bad but I still crave his dick so much. I have masturbated to the memory of that night every night since it happened. My roommate is leaving again next weekend and I am debating if I should invite him over or if that would make me a terrible person.


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  • Invite him again

  • Yes, do it again for god's sake, but do not get into a relationship with this guy. You cannot trust him, just fuck his brains out.

  • It sounds like the two of you have a strong attraction. I think you will eventually get found out. You might lose your friend over this. Maybe it would be better for him to break up with her. It wouldn't be as bad if you dated her ex.

    Of course, he might fuck around on you too. You need to think about that.

    If you two are careful, you might get away with it. But guys are not as careful as girls. He will likely get caught somehow.

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