Still get hard thinking about what she did w/my friend

Three of us, me 34 yrs old, our friend 25 and my 31 yr old wife - mother of our two children.
Kids are at my mom's and our very close friend is over for the evening. He has had a major crush on my 5'6", 130lb dirty blonde wife for 3 yrs! A lot of it has to do with how "comfortable" she is around him. She kisses him good-bye, she doesn't mind him down-blousing her if it's not too obvious in public, she sits rather casually in front of him in her tiny cut-offs - crotch and bikini panties on display. Lately she comes down after her shower in a small T and bikini panties. Nothing rude - they're not crotchless or see-thru - but they are pretty damn sexy on her little tight butt! He misses none of it! I get a buzz seeing that he is checking her out - enjoying the bulge of her pussy and her frequent wedgies.
Honestly - other than knowing that we began to drink mixed drinks involving whisky - I've no recollection of what led up to my bud and I sitting in the living room, looking up between the legs of my 'sleeping' wife laying before us on the carpet? Her eyes were closed - then she spoke, "so, one naked girl in a room with two naked guys! Wonder what will happen next?"
Picture this sexy nude laying on her back with one knee up and to the side, which modestly opened her crotch to our eager eyes. Her small puffy pubic triangle of auburn fur hiding things a bit; nipples cooled and extended straight up from her creamy B cup breasts; face to the side with her hair covering her face - sexily.
Mark and I sat - lightly stroking our hard-ons as we enjoyed her sexy MILF body!
"Ease off the dick, stupid!" I do NOT want to cum yet!
OK - so the next thing I remember is carrying her up and laying her in the center of our big bed. I'd had WAY too much to drink - I don't do whisky!....I crawled between her thighs and lay on my front and went to work on her delicious pussy! I saw up her belly that Mark was kneading her right breast and they were sucking noisily on each other's tongues!
She was moaning nicely - and broke from his mouth just long enough to sigh,..."wow, I've never had two tongues in me at the same time!" and went back to his mouth.
Me? The sight of what they were doing and her remark was WAY too much for me. I shot my damn load straight into our sheets! Dammit!!
Eventually I crawled up onto a pillow and - try as she might - this sweet girl could not get my dick back up! With her hands she lead it to her pussy and pushed it into her, and tried gamely to 'ride' my semi-soft meat - but it was no go. I kept slipping out and poking her in the butt.
So, I lay there and watched as Mark turned her every which way - like they were both lithe gymnasts! He found, and she offered him - so many ways to get his nice thick dick into her pussy! I loved how he squeezed the living hell out of her ass cheeks so often (her butt is a favorite with me, too!).....leaving them bright pink the next morning! I really loved the way he mauled her creamy bottom!
I can recall - all her grunts, the soft cussing from each as they enjoyed each other's genitals, the wet noises, the hallow groin slaps as he pounded her to a finale! She is sweet and being considerate she let him fall asleep with the tip of his dick still in her little I fondled her teat, with my still-soft! dick in her hand.
I remember so little - but we have fucked many times remembering that night with our special friend. She has more stories which she saves for special times to share with me about things those two did that night that I slept through!
I just remember that this young lover turned her every way possible .....and she was up for it!! sexy mother of two!

19 days

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    • This sounds like it really happened.
      There are so many sexy young wives out there who like to get wild....when they feel safe with "friends"!

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