How Two Single Mothers Found True Happiness

We had been vying for the wrestling crown since high school. We both enjoyed the sport, but also had a secret desire for each other. We never revealed it, worried about what others would think.

Years later, we encountered each other again at a wrestling tournament for women. We recognized each other immediately, and felt a flood of emotions. We were still opponents, but also curious about each other's lives. We talked politely, but avoided eye contact.

We faced off in the final round, and fought with all our might. We turned and twisted, trying to knock each other down. Our bodies were close, our breaths were fast. We noticed a spark between us, and suddenly we stopped fighting. We stared into each other's eyes, and kissed.

It was a long, passionate kiss that made us forget everything else. We felt a connection that we had never felt before. We realized that we had always loved each other, and that we didn't have to be enemies anymore.

We stopped the kiss and smiled at each other. We hugged and whispered words of love. We didn't care who won the match, we had found something more valuable. We had found love.

The referee declared that we had been disqualified for breaking the rules. We didn't mind. We walked out of the ring hand in hand, ready to start a new life together.

We settled together and raised our kids as a family. They were happy to have two moms who loved them and each other. We taught them to follow their dreams and to be kind to others. We were proud of them and ourselves. We had overcome our past and found our future.

May 10

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