Very weird

I was over at a friend's house having coffee with her on the patio. I've known her from work for a couple of years. She's my age (48) and is divorced/single, but her daughter is a 20 year-old college student who lives with her. Her daughter's boyfriend lives there too. Evidently they are potential marriage material.

My friend disappeared for a bit, came back out, and said don't go in the house to get another cup of coffee. I asked why, and she said, "Maya [her daughter] is screwing her boyfriend in the living room. We need to let them finish."

What?!?! I don't have kids, but if I did, I'd make them be a little more private.

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  • Well it's embarrassing being on the other side of that situation also.
    Well a two years ago my girlfriend, now wife, and I were screwing on her parents couch. It was hot outside and we came in to cool off, she was wearing loose fitting jogging shorts, and a halter top with no bra. I had on cut offs and no shirt. We layed down on the couch and watched TV. It wasn't long and we both fell asleep. I awoke with a hard on, and started grinding into my girlfriends backside. Then she reached back and unzipped my shorts, grabbed my cock and slid it up her loose shorts leg hole into her pussy. She lifted her leg up so I could slide my cock all the way in. I had just started pumping her real good when her parents came in. She dropped her leg down to quickly before I could pull out.
    Her parents came in and set down, from where they were sitting they couldn't tell snything. Only problem being my cock was still in her pussy and my balls were traped between her legs. I'm not sure if was because I was extra horny, or the thrill of being caught. But I blew my load deep in her pussy.
    Well we're married now and have a beautiful 15 month old little girl.

  • Also that was the first time we had unprotected sex. My girlfriend wasn't on any birth control. Just thought I'd share that also.

  • You should've told your friend, " Then, get your sorry hostess ass up and fetch me another cup ! " I wouldn't take it with cream, though.

  • Marriage material or not, they could have gone elsewhere in the home. Yes I agree with you. Take it to the bedroom, another room, the back seat of the car, whatever. Unless they were hoping for for you or your friend to join in, in which case you'd think they would have invited you all.

  • These are different times. i dated a woman whose son still lived with her. i went over and her son was there with another male friend and a female friend. all 3 of them went into her son's bedroom and i said "hey, they closed the door, you should check on them." the girl i was dating just said "let them have a good time". so weird.

  • Yes that is the norm. However I have come across some extremely open families over the years. Perhaps the one family that caused me some pause was the Parents were swingers, the 2 kids joined in when they were teenagers.
    The in laws lived next door and they were part of the group as well. People for some reason mistake my wife and I for being swingers quite often just because we are nudist and talk quite openly to us.

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