Looked the other way when I couldnt please her

So this happened about 18 years ago I was 34 and my wife was 30, she was 5-6 140 lbs 36c/d at the time she had 2 kids from previous marriage a son 12 and a daughter 7 and then our daughter together who was 4 at the time. I had been going through cancer and was in constant pain and my wife had a coworker a younger male he was just 21. She was working for a local hospital and was training this younger guy, I had seen them a few times and saw the look in her eyes and all she did was talk about her trainee. Well when at home in recovery I was unable to maintain an erection for more than like 2 minutes and any arousal was physically painful. I wasn't able to please her and my wife had her trainee come over a few times to help out around the house, he would play video games with the step son and lifting and carrying heavy objects. I could see they each were flirty with each other in their looks. He lived 50 miles away but was looking for a place locally and my wife offered our spare room. I had enough energy to work half days in the office so I was at this point going to work mid morning and staying gone til mid to late afternoon. So one day he was over and they were talking about a course on a new procedure the hospital was going to start doing, the class was about 70 miles away near where he lived. He knew where it was located and he said he had to work the night before, she was off that night and was getting directions (she's terrible at navigation) so I piped up and offered if they were both going why didn't they ride together thinking she could drive and he could sleep on the ride. They thought it was a good idea, by this point she had started being teased at work they were calling the trainee her boyfriend. I could see her cringe a little telling me that but I had fun with it and used that term a couple of times myself. So anyhow with my suggestion they thought it was a good idea. So the day of the class comes and she drives off to meet him by the hospital, she was dressed up in a skirt and nice top which was tight and showed off her figure, and she brought a bad with scrubs in just in case they were to go into the clinical environment. She said she would be home about 5-6 pm.
Well 6pm comes and she doesn't show then 6:30 I text her no reply, then 7 then 8 and Im getting concerned as it had started raining pretty hard and I turned on the news at one point and they had breaking news of mud slides as well as buildings collapsed but to excess water loading. She finally shows about 11 pm and said they took his jeep without a top on it and tried to wait out the rain in a restaurant about 20 minutes form their class. It was on the town where he lived, and she said she got drenched on the ride back to her car and they were talking in her car where it was dry and she lost track of time.
Well then about a month later I was kind of teasing her and we were finally able to have some small bouts of intimacy although not as much as I would have liked it was still painful but I could at least go 10 - 15 minutes before needing a break. I mentioned him as her boyfriend and she said "Dont call him that besides I don't even like him" Then she added, "Besides he sucks in bed....(pause for about 15 seconds although it felt lie 10 minutes) at least that's what my friend Melissa says." Well I was kind of in shock, I had never heard of Melissa before or after, and I wondered if she was projecting.
Fast forward about a month and I learn he was getting married and his fiancé was pregnant. She had told me when they were talking in the car he had told her his fiancé had left him. So with this I kind of figured out at least they had messed around possibly a hug went too far maybe making out if the Melissa story was true but possibly something happened. At the point of their class my doctors had said I would be weak for a long time and my wife had specifically asked about sex and my ability to maintain and they had told her that I may never be able to maintain.
So now about a year or so later my wife and I were back into things, I was feeling 90% the pain was tolerable and I was able to make up for it with additional foreplay and short breaks. We had gone to a fund raising dinner with dancing and my wife had a lot to drink and we had gotten home and were messing around in the den. Kissing and foreplay and all and I flirtingly said "I haven't seen you this giddy since yo and Dan were flirty." She smiled to that so then I told her, as I was starting to tease her with sex you know I wouldn't have cared if something happened as long as you told me about it." she responded "no nothing really happened." Then I played a little more with her teasing then I said "its ok I know you were home late that night and I know what happened" she looked at me and said "what?" then I proceeded to tell her she talks in her sleep which she knows she does. Then I said well tell me the truth it wasn't your friend Melissa was it? (I was taking a shot in the dark as a bluff) at this point I have her toy and using it on her keeping her edging. She looked up at me and said umm it was, then I said I dont believe you were talking for 5 hours. and then told her to tell me about her night after the class a year before.
She confessed to me that the day started he decided to drive his Jeep CJ without the top on, they rode the class and she said during the ride the wind kept blowing her skirt up and at one point she caught him looking as her thigh had been totally exposed, and during the ride he placed his hand on her leg. Then she said the day went typical with some flirting but nothing toxic. She said then after class they did start to drive home but he suggested the restaurant with outdoor dining, she agreed as she was hungry and she had a couple of drinks (sex on the beach). She said then while there all of a sudden it was pouring and her dress was wet. She said they dropped by his place to wait out the storm and were talking while she put her clothes in the dryer, she was going to change but her scrubs were drenched too from sitting in the Jeep. He offered her a robe to dress in and he went in to change as well and she said they opened a bottle of wine he had at his apartment and she had a glass while waiting for her clothes. She said at one point he was talking about this fiancé she hugged him then he started kissing her neck and his hands were rubbing her and he pulled her in for a kiss. As they kissed he was wearing only scrubs and his hands were wandering and she said he undid her robe and was caressing her and her hands started wandering. She said she hadn't been touched like that for over 6 months as I had been going through my health issues. by this point she's starting to tear up even though I am still touching her and fingering her as she speaks. She said he was making out with her as he was now fingering her I asked like this as I started kissing her neck and petting her more. She whispered yes, then I asked what happened next? she said "well he started kissing down my body and ended up pulling his fingers out and licking then then said he wanted to taste me" I asked what did you do and she said "I told him we shouldn't I'm married" She said he said he was just kissing her tummy and didn't withdrawal from her but went back to softly caressing and said "can I just hold you?" and she told me she said that was ok as they laid there him shirtless and her basically nude with her panties pulled down mid thigh and bra loosely sagging off of her chest. She said they laid there for a but and he started kissing again and rubbing her again on her clit. When making out earlier she had already felt his hardness thorough the scrubs so she knew he was turned on. She said within like 30 seconds of him kissing her body he worked his way to her crotch and started eating her out. She said it felt so good and she was pretty turned on and she said he kissed back up to her lips and he was grinding on her and her had was down his scrubs as he ground on her. Then she said he reached down and untied his scrubs and she said he started to position to have sex she said she instantly had a panic come over her and she said she pushed back some and said "I cant do that but Ill take care of you" and pushed him over on his back on the sofa. she said she then went to give oral and he asked if she would tit fuk him too and she smiled and said ok so she removed her bra completely. So now by this point she has pulled her panties up but is topless. She said she was rubbing her boobs on him and sucking for a few minutes when their eyes met and she said he pulled her up for a kiss. She said at this point he is sitting on the sofa and she has moved up kissing and she moved her legs basically to straddle him and as they made out she could feel him against her thong feeling the tip push in against the thin fabric. As they kissed he moved his hand back down and started rubbing her and pulled her panties to the side to finger her as they kissed. She said as they kissed she felt him with one finger then two then as she was feeling into it getting more turned on she realized both of his hands were on her hips guiding her hips as she rocked into his "fingers" she said at that moment she broke the kiss and asked what the hell? Said she was married and she shouldn't do this! She said he talked to her for a couple minutes asking her if it felt good and she said yes then he said you complained about not being able to and being so disappointed in your husb you already started so you've already done it why not finish. She said she thought about it as he held her and then decided what the hell I already cheated whats the difference between fucking and stopping early and fucking til satisfied? so she decided to let it happen. she said that night she showered with him and had sex again and cleaned up before coming home

19 days

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    • She said he wasn't good in bed but then showered with him and fucked him several times. Incoherent story.

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