I have been told my whole life that I'm unapproachable to men. I have been told that because of my looks and body , men don't even try to ask me out or hit on me . My friend says men feel intimidated because I'm to far out of their league's. Not my words. Eventually at the age of 26 I found a man who would at least talk to me. A year later we were married. Everyone of his friends ask him how he was able to land a woman who looks like me. A year later after having worthless sex that lasts just a few seconds with my over weight husband , I started becoming restless. I was at a point in my life that is impossible to explain. I was bored and overwhelmed with the thought of sex with other men. One day on the way to work I simply snapped , I didn't take the exit to work , instead I called and said that I wouldn't be able to make it that day. I drove and drove finally ending up in the industrial end of town. Driving down shady looking streets until I cam across a park and ride with a small park at the far end. I parked and saw some burley looking guys eating and standing around a picnic table near some trees and bushes. I got out of the car walked right past them towards this little opening as I passed them a few of them made some cat call's towards me. Soon as I was out of sight of the parking lot but they could still see me. I turned and started undressing. I was nervous as they approached but continued to undress. Their hands were all over me and they were saying how hot I was. Soon I was on my hands and knees getting pounded from behind hands still all over me. Everyone of them fucked me I had countless orgasms. I still to this day go there to meet them or whoever is there. I'm ashamed of the whole thing , yet I thrive on it.


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  • I to like you have a semi secret place I like to go to, to get laid by strangers. Two , three times a month when it's warm out I like to go to this little park fairly close to where I live and I let myself get picked up by strangers and letting them have their way with me. Met James this way and now he seems to be there waiting for me several times a month. Kinda love his bigger than usual co ck and the way he becomes a animal when he's fu cking me.

  • For how long have you been doing this? do the strangers cum inside all of your holes? what names do they call you?

  • Why did you marry him? You sound just like you described yourself earlier. To give yourself up to strangers is pretty risky.
    Continue to let it happen if it makes you happy. Seems like your unhappy and hubby is paying the consequences

  • I know it's sad for him but I don't think I can stop

  • Do they fill you up?

  • I guess you can say that

  • Just enjoy yourself. Unless your husband was absolutely clueless about human nature, he husband couldn't have reasonably expected a woman as attractive as you to remain unsatisfied for the rest of your life. Be good to your husband in other ways to make up for it, and be safe.

  • I do try to be a great wife other than this. I'm always supportive, I cook and clean I do everything I can.

  • You skank whore. Your husband married and and supports you. He takes care of you. This is how you repay him? I hope he kicks you out of the house and cancels the credit cards. Changes the locks.

  • He doesn't have any idea what is going on

  • He knows and he is planning it all. So soon the bank accounts wil empty, the locks chained, assets moved around and then he drops the bomb. Leaving you with nothing.

  • Very doubtful that he has any idea.

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