Caught masterbating

Have you ever caught your wife or girlfriend masterbating..Did they know or did you secretly watch. If they did what was their reactiom. Or have you been csught by wife or gf or someone elee? Their reaction?

May 1

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    • My wife has told me she has masturbated. It would be a big turn on catch her. I have heard her moan a time or two in the shower! I told her it would be fine with me if she masturbated every day! I’d be fine with her reading erotica or watching porn.

    • When I was young my GF mother caught her jacking me off, she complained about the chances of getting cum on her couch, my GF continued to jerk me off, with her mother watching I shot off, mother giggled a little and went and grabbed a hand towel, if her mother had waited about 5 minutes before coming in there she would have caught her daughter sucking my dick.

    • I don't get it. Women get grossed out if a guy wants to stroke in front of them (think Louis CK), but they'll sit, stare and enjoy if they catch you or if you don't want an audience.

    • Caught her doing it many times and we now do mutual masturbation. We are both in our early 50s.

    • My wife refuses to touch herself. It drives me crazy as I want to watch her masterbate

    • My sons girlfriend caught me sniffing her panties and rubbing one out. She helped me finish and then made me eat my cum. I'm glad they broke up but I miss her advances on me. She was a little tart! Like, you want your son or wife to find out, let me peg your ass, or eat this creampie, God knows whose it was and I miss it!

    • My wife masturbates usually everyday. I work nights and she plays with herself almost every night before going to sleep.

    • Never caught my wife masturbating - but I've talked her into it a few time times. She has THE hardest orgasms when she rides her pillow, or my thigh!
      She likes it when I rub her bare ass hard while she's fucking her pillow!....the girl fairly grunts out her big orgasms!....then she's embarrassed!
      We bought her a vibrator once - her idea! But she never used it in front of me - she pretended she didn't use it -- too shy!

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