She was 47 - I was the first to go down on her!

Coworker had been married to a guy who cheated on her often. She got the house after 22+ yrs of marriage.
She invited me over for dinner - my wife had cheated on me repeatedly and was now 4 yrs in my past (I got the 4 kids)
We'd both been celibate for a few years.
On our second dinner date we kissed good night.
On our third - we had wine and got pretty relaxed with each other even though she was 9 yrs older than me. She looked great in those short summery shorts. Very nice ass and long legs!
I finally stared at her...."What?" she said.
"I'd like to make love with you", I said.
She sat for a long time looking into her wine glass - then back at me where her eyes seemed to water,,,,- I thought I'd blown it. Then she finished her wine and came and took me by the hand - leading me down the hall to her bedroom.
BIG waterbed! My first ever.
I undressed her - and boldly told her to undress me. I knew she'd had the hots for me at the office.... She offered a lovely slim figure, small breasts but really cute tight little ass and long legs!
She nervously removed my shirt, then my slacks, then slowly pulled down my shorts - with my erection springing nicely out and up - for her. She laughed nervously, "did I cause that?!"
"Yes honey, you did. I've been wanted you all evening!"
I laid her on the bed and started kissing her ears, her mouth, her neck, each of her small breasts - sucking gently on her nipples, then down the peach fur of her tight belly, reaching under and squeezing those cute firm cheeks, her blond pubes with my tongue.....and on down, spreading her legs gently - kissing her inner thighs, she laughed and squirmed delightfully, closer and closer to her warm scented gash. Then I slipped my tongue into her, licked and flipped it in her as she gasped and dug her nails into my scalp. I pushed further into her cunt and slowly kissed and nuzzled my way up to her clit, where I sucked it ever so gently as her breathing grew ragged and her thighs closed firm and warmly about my face and head. I continued to eat her cunt - because it is just about my favorite thing to do with a woman. This is why I went right down to her cunt with my mouth after only a preliminary bit of necking.
I sucked her clit, alternately probed her cunt with my tongue - then firmly settled with her clit in my mouth and slid my thumb into her wet cunt. ....and worked her there. Finger fucking her In and out - sucking and kissing with my lips.
She had an amazingly grunt filled orgasm and pulled my hair while squeezing me wonderfully between those long tight legs of hers.
I rolled her on top of me for some long necking and fondling of her cute ass, touched her butt hole gently which made her laugh and squirm again - as she regained her breathing and floated down from her massive orgasm.
I knew we'd fuck more later.
She wore just my shirt into the living room - where we snuggled with some more wine. And i played with her teats and she sucked my tongue.
Here she softly laughed and confessed that she'd nearly leapt out of bed.
"I have been married for well over 20 years and no man has even gone down on me with his mouth! I could not believe this hot young man wanted to kiss and lick me there!"
I was stunned.
Later she shared this experience with her girl's card club - and they celebrated it with her!.....and explained to her that now she must return the favor! They gave her all kinds of tips!
She had quite a surprise for me the next time i came over for 'dinner' (in her crotch!) She was an eager learner and a quick study.
A little more wine and she was merrily enjoying her first 69 soon thereafter!
I've never been the 'first' for any woman. It was indeed an honor!
I do so miss her enthusiasm in bed - and the way she barked so cutely into her orgasms! Man that woman loved to fuck with me!
She took a job out of state - but I'll never forget her.

Apr 21

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