Wife let me leave polaroid's of her for my work crew to find

I talked my 27 yr old blonde wife into letting me take some polaroids of her as she rolled about naked on our bed.
One of her on her front, with her legs spread slightly - nice shot up her pink gash.
One on her back with her knee bent sideways.....slightly showing her open pink vagina with it's light forest of pale blonde curls.
Another with her on her side =, knees pulled up to her chest.....taken from below to show the puffyness of her pussy lips and her little puckered pink flower of her butt hole.
She asked what I was going to do with those 3 pics when I was getting ready for work.
"Well, none of them show your face.....just your teats ass and cunt - so I thought I'd let my work crew discover them today when we're doing demo at the site."
"You're going to let a bunch of prisoners see me naked?!"
"Yes I am. Are you OK with that?"
She said she wanted to think about it - I could tell that the idea would be perking away somewhere down near her cunt! "I'll call you at lunch with what I decide, OK?"
"Sure" I said.
She called nervously at lunch on my cell- "I don't know honey - I've never done anything like this before! It kinda turns me on to think of a bunch of rough guys checking out my naked body.....but...."
"Relax, Honey - I've already let them find them. YOU are one very popular girl young lady! The consensus is that you are a most "fuckable" woman! They'd line up to do you in turn babe!"
"Oh my goodness......I can't believe you did that!"
Yes well, by the time i got home I barely made it through the door before this naked young lady dragged me to the couch, stripped my work pants off and mounted me cowgirl style!.....so she wasn't too upset with me!
BTW: as the crew lead I gathered the 3 pics and dropped them in the fire of the warming barrel. I'll let her think they might still be out there, somewhere - getting masturbated over repeatedly!

Apr 21

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    • That is hot!
      and that is one hot wife to let you do that!
      Lucky SOB!

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