Joe boy in LI

Back in the 90s when I was in my 20s I hooked up with a guy also in his 20s, we met in an aol chat room ctm4m after we chatted for a few days about meeting up for sex. We finally set a time and met in a hotel in CT. Up to this point I had always used a condom when f**cking guys. Joe had an amazing body and I ended up f**cking him without a condom. It felt amazing, I didn’t last long at all, and he wanted me to c*m inside him, and I did, a lot. I’ve never forgotten that hookup, it was amazing!

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  • Fuck off, HIV Dispenser!

  • I started sucking cock when I was 9 my friend was11 the first time I sucked him off he came in my mouth I liked it he sucked me that day did not cum till I turned 10 we sucked &fucked each other for 4 years till I moved his nick name was footling he had a 12" dickloved sucking him off tasted good

  • I live in ct,, what hotel, I’m 64 and shaved

  • I was a cum dump as a kid for a few older boys who were in their teens. When I was with a man for the first time he was going to use a condom until I asked him what it was for, lol.

  • Hot.....
    I was fucked by a bell boy at the hotel I was staying in......surprise. Called down to the desk and asked if they had a local newspaper. Bellboy brought up a local rag filled with ads......I was looking for a bar I could walk to. He opened the paper, pointed to his hangout and started rubbing his cock. Rest is history. Durham, NC

  • Two years ago when I was thirteen I went on vacation with mom and my aunt. When they were out on dates there were two bell boys who were fucking me and they never really knew. They taught me all about what gay sex was.

  • Did they teach you how to jump out the window?

  • Has anyone taught you self acceptance? Give in to your own same sex urges, and you may lose your hostility.

  • I sure did! I mean me and my friend's would make fun of other guys at school who were like girls. After I submitted to another boy who was older it's like all of a sudden I was different like.

  • So how many people have you infected with your HIV+ body?

  • Only about 16 or 17.

  • A few years ago we stayed at a top shelf hotel in Clearwater. One of bell guys was about me age 60 or so retired cop, 6’2”, good shape good looking, we bs’d a lot when we were checking in. after a great morning on the beach with my wife the next day, the weather turned and we went to tha bar for an hour so. She said she wanted to do some shopping in the area, and I didn’t so we both went up showered etc, she got dressed and left, I sat on the balcony having a drink and needed more ice, I called down for it and this guy brings it up. I was just wearing shorts and a t shirt. I thank him, give him a tip, and when he shakes my hand he brushes it against my dick. I kind of jumped ( me and a budd when we were in our 20’s used to fuck and suck regularly) but knew something was going to happen. He looked me dead in the eyes and said sorry, I rubbed his dick and said no problem, next thing you know we’re doing 69 on the bed, after he blew his load in my mouth, I fucked him in the ass, it was great, we were able to pull that off once more that week, vacation of a lifetime

  • More fag fantasy. Kill yourself please.

  • And your mother was there and took both our loads on her mustache

  • You have no idea what happens in the real world, do you?

  • I know child molesters like you eventually get caught.

  • Don’t think so. Over 23 years and I’ve never come close to getting caugh.

  • Cool, on vacation two years ago with my aunt I had got a real cool swimsuit from my aunt. It was like a bikini for boys and a lot of people there was wearing suits like them. This old guy accidentally brushed his hand against the front of mine and I got excited and then he took my hand and placed it on his. I told him "No, I don't want to do anything like that!" The weirdest thing ever happened! I went to his cabin and he had sex with me like from after lunch all the way till supper time? He wasn't the only guy who loved me in my bikini swimsuit.

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