Was she like a prostitute

When my wife’s first husband walked out leaving her ….she had no money and a child to feed….

She had sex with an older guy in exchange for financial support.

She hated it…. It was for an about six months…. She had sex with him eight times!

She was 23… he was 69 …she said it was horrible when he was on top of her .
He had a big belly….sweated a lot …. Got out of breath when having sexual intercourse with her…

….but he did have a very big… thick penis according to what she told me !

She said that before the arranged nights for her to go to bed with him… she had to get quiet drunk to go through with it !

But when I asked her if she had any feelings when he fucked her….
She said that she climaxed with him most times… because it must’ve been the size of his cock…!
She said although she hated him having sex with her.. at the end she couldn’t stop herself from climaxing
Was she like a prostitute

Apr 17


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    • No she's not a prostitute. She was a woman trying to support herself and her child. There is nothing wrong with it. It's her body, she free to do with it as she pleases. So if she gets some enjoyment out of it along the way, good for her. I bet we all wish we had jobs that we truly enjoy, with happy endings.
      My wife has been sleeping around with different men, since we've been married. 5 of our 7 children were all fathered by different men she's slept with. Three of them are black, it's all a great tax write off, and we get a lot of state assistance, neither one of us have to work. On several occasions she's slept with a out landlord to pay the rent. She's given the DoorDash guy BJ's to pay for the food he delivers.

    • Great. And so starts another cycle. I’m glad I can support you. You’re welcome.

    • No, not like a prostitute. A prostitute. But I’m fine with that. It’s an honorable profession in my opinion. Much better than being a politician or in the media.

    • She's lying to protect you. She loved every minute of that big cock in her. She probably begged for him to cum inside her and licked it clean when he was done.

    • Yes, she was but I wouldn’t hold that against her.

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